Nexo Geo T4805 Speaker

By | November 29, 2012

A compact, extremely high-output array module, the T4805 is the centerpiece to GEO T vertical tangent array system design. We have installed these in venues including houses of worship, large live tours, festivals and concert halls!

The T4805 Vertical Tangent Array Module is the most advanced expression yet of NEXO’s patent-pending GEO Technology. It incorporates the Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource, the Configurable Directivity Flange, the Directivity Phase Device and a unique DSP-driven cardioid LF section.

Multiple Nexo Geo T4805s and T2815s combine to form a single very high output source of coherent acoustic energy. Using NS-1 software, it’s easy to determine the wavefront curvature that will deliver equal power to equal areas in any venue.

Mixing engineers find that GEO Technology delivers all the detail of a mix to the entire audience. With equal SPL from front to rear of the listening area, the dynamics of the performance are experienced at every seat.

GEO Technology innovations produce new levels of efficiency: GEO systems are smaller, lighter, faster loading and rigging, without sacrificing anything in terms of power, dynamics or detail. Dramatically lower production costs translate to significantly higher profits for owners and operators of GEO systems.

  • Optimized for high power vertical tangent arrays: Nexo Geo T4805 is main array/long throw element.
  • 0.01° precision logarithmic array assembly system is engineered to maintain adequate safety factors when supporting curved vertical arrays.
  • T4805 uses active DSP-driven front and rear-firing drivers, dipolar LF sections produce a cardioid pattern from 70Hz to 250Hz.
  • High power, long excursion neodymium 8” woofers deliver full range output.
  • Patent-pending Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesources project tangent wavefronts for coherent output and flexible coverage.
  • Patent-pending Configurable Directivity Flange sets horizontal dispersion to 90° for the T4805.
  • Patent-pending Directivity Phase Device allows line source coupling throughout the midrange.

In conjunction with a GEO rigging system designed to control angular splay to 0.01 degree precision. NEXO’s groundbreaking Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource (HRW™) technology produces precise and predictable results, ensuring that GEO T wavesources couple optimally without destructive interference.

The key to GEO T’s success is in the innovative method that the HRW uses to control acoustic energy, empowering users to craft high-output wavefronts to precisely fit audience areas, more coherently and more evenly than previously possible.

The HRW wavesource (see Figure 1) controls acoustic energy with an acoustical reflector – a mathematically calculated hyperboloid acoustic mirror, derived from a rigorous set of geometrical transformations. Thus the HRW creates a virtual acoustic wavesource that is ‘outside’ the loudspeaker cabinet (see Figure 2).

This revolutionary technique allows the designer to locate the real source (the compression driver) almost anywhere inside the enclosure. It also provides a virtual source that is behind the rear of the enclosure. As such, GEO wavesource measurements exhibit a degree of correspondence between mathematical predictions and real word results.

In addition, GEO T employs a Directivity Phase Device (DPD) on each cone driver which extends the upper frequency limit for line source coupling between adjacent woofers, and a Configurable Directivity Device (CDD) which allows system designers to precisely alter wavesource behaviour – particularly useful in optimising systems in permanent installations.


Coherent. Transparent. Faithful.

The high-output sound reinforcement system re-defined

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