6 Furman Advanced Power Conditioners

By | February 3, 2015

Audio/Video equipment requires, clean and consistent power to operate at decent levels. This is true for both studio/recording and live/touring gear. Now take a moment to think about all that gear. Every instrument, speaker, mixer and microphone all plugged into a wall outlet or outlet strip. What would happen in the event of a power surge? Everything is unprotected. It would all be fried! Luckily, Furman crafts top of the line power conditioners. Furman power conditioners beat everything else on the market.

The Prestige Series is a line of Furman advanced power conditioners. There are six models total, with three that can handle 15-amp loads, two that can handle 20-amp loads and one that can handle 30-amp loads. The 15-amp models are the Furman P-1800 PF, the Furman P-1800 PFR and the Furman P-1800 AR. The 20-amp models are the Furman P-2400 AR and the Furman P-2400 IT. The 30-amp model is the Furman P-3600 AR G. Let’s examine what all of six advanced power conditioners have in common and then we’ll examine the differences by amp rating.


All of these Furman power conditioners feature technology that’s exclusive to the manufacturer. Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) offers high-level protection from power surges and spikes. Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) filters out noise and interference to provide clean AC power and improved audio/video clarity. Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) finds and targets dangerous irregularities in voltage. When any irregularity is detected, EVS safely shuts down the power conditioner and any connected equipment.

Furman P-1800 PF 15A Advanced Power Conditioner P1800PF P 1800 PF

15-amp Models

The P-1800 PF (4 total outlets) and the P-1800 PFR (9 total outlets) have Power Factor and Clear Tone technologies (the P-1800 AR does not). Power Factor tech offers a 45A peak current reservoir to provide a connected amplifier with ample headroom. A consistent amplifier tone is maintained, regardless of the venue or of proximity to the power panel. Clear Tone tech works parallel with Power Factor tech and LiFT. An extra layer of AC noise filtration is added specifically for instrument amplifiers. Tuned circuits help bring out instrument harmonics, clarity and tone. This results in an improved dynamic response. All three 15-amp models feature isolated outlet banks that help to minimize noise contamination and inter-component interference.

Furman P-1800 PFR 15A Advanced Power Conditioner P1800 PFR P1800PFR

While the P-1800 PF and P-1800 PFR have Voltmeters, the P-1800 AR (9 total outlets) has a combination Voltmeter / Ampmeter display that shows line voltage and true RMS current draw. The P-1800 PFR and P-1800 AR have wall wart spacing, which leaves ample room for bulky AC power transformers. These two models also have a USB outlet on the front panel and a BNC Lamp Connector outlet on the rear panel. Furthermore, the P-1800 PF features a floor form factor, while the other two models are more designed for rack mount scenarios.Furman P-2400 AR 20A Advanced Power Conditioner P2400AR


20-amp Models

The Furman P-2400 AR (14 total outlets) and the Furman P-2400 IT (14 total outlets) both have a USB outlet on the front panel, isolated outlet banks and combination voltmeter / ampmeter displays. However, there are some notable differences between the two. For one, the P-2400 AR has true RMS voltage regulation, while the IT version does not. The P-2400 IT is a symmetrically balanced power conditioner. Because it has symmetrically balanced power, it can break ground loops without the need for rewiring or for the dismantling of gear and equipment. It also offers a reduction in noise.

Furman P-2400 IT 20A Advanced Power Conditioner P2400IT

30-amp Model

The Furman P-3600 AR G (11 total outlets) can tackle 30-amp loads and has dual displays (one Voltmeter and one Ampmeter). On top of that, this advanced power conditioner has global true RMS voltage regulation. This voltage regulation utilizes an ultra low noise torroidal isolation transformer, as well as high current switching TRIACs and micro-processing control to step up and step down input voltages.

Furman P-3600 AR G 30A Advanced Power Conditioner P3600ARG

All of these Prestige Series advanced power conditioners make great additions to installed and touring setups. Get in touch with a Muzeek World Sales Representative to learn more! Send us an email at sales@muzeekworld.com.