6 Furman Advanced Power Conditioners

By | February 3, 2015

Audio/Video equipment requires consistent, clean power to operate at decent levels. This is true for both studio/recording and live/touring gear. Now take a moment to think about all that gear. Every instrument, speaker, mixer and microphone all plugged into a wall outlet or outlet strip. That gear is left unprotected if a power surge happens. Everything would be fried! Thankfully, power conditioners exist to combat surges and spikes in power. While there are multiple power conditioners on the market, some have shoddy craftsmanship and subpar components. This can cause the same damage these power conditioners were made to prevent!

So where do you look when you want a well-made power conditioner that offers surge protection and filtering technologies? Furman! They have multiple lines of standard power conditioners, as well as advanced power conditioners. The Furman Classic Series is a versatile line of advanced power conditioners. These work in the studio and on the road.

Furman PL-PRO DMC 20A Advanced Power Conditioner PL PRO DMC PLPRODMC

There are six models in this lineup, three of which can handle 15-amp loads and three of which can handle 20-amp loads. The three 15-amp advanced power conditioners are the Furman PL-8C, the Furman PL-PLUSC and the Furman PL-PLUS DMC. The three 20-amp advanced power conditioners are the Furman PL-PROC, The Furman PL-PRO DMC and the Furman P-8 PRO C. The models all share similarities in terms of features and functions. Instead of breaking down each individual model, let’s look at individual features. Under each feature will be the model numbers that offer said feature.

Furman PL-PLUSC 15A Advanced Power Conditioner PLPLUSC

Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) Surge Protection


Every Furman advanced power conditioner features this exclusive technology. Series Multi-Stage Protection is the highest level of surge protection on the market today. This makes sure your connected equipment is safe from power surges and spikes.

Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) Noise Filtration


Power from wall outlets tends to be dirty and full of noise/interference. That’s where this exclusive technology comes in! LiFT provides AC power filtering to ensure optimum audio and video clarity. It also lowers the noise floor that originates from dirty AC power flowing into your gear.

Furman P-8 PRO C 20A Advanced Power Conditioner P8PROC

Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) Voltage Protection


Extreme Voltage Shutdown is another Furman-exclusive technology. EVS circuitry targets dangerous irregularities in voltage. After the irregularities are located, EVS powers down the power conditioner and any connected equipment. The shutdown is done safely, so there’s no need to worry about your gear.

Isolated Banks and Wall Wart Spacing


These two features focus on the included outlets (there are nine outlets on every advanced power conditioner in this series). Isolated banks help minimize interference and noise contamination between components. Wall wart spacing offers plenty of room for bulky AC power transformers.

Furman PL-PRO DMC 20A Advanced Power Conditioner PL PRO DMC PLPRODMC

Retractable Lights


Retractable lights are available on five out of the six Furman advanced power conditioners. They provide enough light to view a rack setup or mixing board and are great for dimly lit applications like venues and clubs.



The segmented LED Voltmeter allows users to monitor incoming voltage. Clear and easy to read.

Furman PL-8C 15A Advanced Power Conditioner PL8C PL 8C

Combination Voltmeter / Ampmeter


These power conditioners feature a combination voltmeter and ampmeter. The display shows line voltage and true RMS current draw. It also features a dimmer button.

USB Charger


A single USB outlet on the front panel allows for the charging of media devices. Additionally, the outlet can be used to power a USB lamp.

BNC Lamp Connector


These Furman power conditioners all have a BNC connector on the rear panel that can power any standard gooseneck lamp.

All of these Furman advanced power conditioners are great additions to studio and live setups. Get in touch with a Muzeek World Sales Representative today to learn more! You can send an email to sales@muzeekworld.com.