By | August 24, 2011
Tempest900 900MHz Wireless Intercom System

Tempest900 is the new wireless intercom system that operates in the 900 MHz frequency band, available in 2- and 4-channel versions and comes fully-loaded with the same set of features, functions and operations as the Tempest2400; including the ability to operate in Normal, Split and Shared Modes.

The difference is that Tempest900 may provide improved coverage in areas where more structural penetration is required and in large enclosed areas where multipath interference would otherwise be a factor.

A single Tempest900 in Normal Mode can support between one and five full duplex wireless users. But, by using a BaseStation in Split or Shared Mode, it can support an unlimited number of users who need to monitor the conversation and can share talk capacity.

A total of five Tempest900 BaseStations can be co-located and connected together via their Partyline or 4-wire intercom connections offering a maximum of 25 Tempest full duplex wireless BeltStations operating in close proximity while maintaining excellent system performance.