By | August 19, 2011


The KB1 is an innovative product. In this sense it fits perfectly into the K-array brand: innovation and quality.
What makes it special is that it is immediately recognisable as a product which was developed in an environment (K-array) which is orientated towards the “professional” sector.
Some solutions which have been adopted are unique in the entire panorama of products on offer, and are the same as those used in stage setup during concerts (e.g. the medium-high speaker has the ability to electronically vary the height of sound diffusion); the completeness of the instrumentation: the capacity to load different presets simply and at any time from a PC, the control of entry sound through an integrated professional digital mixer, and the ability to electronically modify the extent and the coverage of the sound vertically, make the instrument versatile and applicable in any situation with notable levels of quality; the materials are those present only in concert systems of high calibre: steel, aluminium and wood are high-quality materials, used in professional level products. This system is going to go on sale, inquire for pricing