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By | December 30, 2015

The new generation digital consoles have arrived ! Allen Heaths flag ship of them all the dLive!

Product consist of

dLive S7000 mixer is a 36 Fader system

dLive S5000 mixer is a 28 Fader system

dLive S3000 mixer is a 20 Fader system

DM32 Rack

DM48 Rack

DM64 Rack

This addictive, ultimate mixing surface comes in three sizes, to fit all of your mixing needs. The S7000 Features 36 faders with a Twin 12″ touchscreen. While the S5000 comes with 28 faders and a Twin 12″ touchscreen as well. Last but not least, S3000 includes 20 faders and a Single 12″ touchscreen. But wait there’s more… Allen & Heath have also released their new line of dLive Mixing Racks, which features the heart of the dLive system, the XCVI processing core. (We’ll talk some more about this in a minute.) The DM64, comes with 64 mic/line inputs and 32 line outputs. DM48 48 mic/line inputs. 24 line outputs. And of course, the DM32 features… You guessed it, 32 mic/line inputs and 16 line outputs. The dLive Mixing Racks are built to connect to a dLive Surface, but they can be controlled by a laptop or iPad (with or without using the Surface in conjunction,) Allen & Heath IP remotes or third party controllers via TCP/IP.



dlive S7000 mixer

Let’s dig a little deeper into the specs shall we? The Largest control Surface in the dLive line is the S7000 and it packs quite a punch with 216 fully assignable fader strips, that’s right I said 216! Other features include:

  • 36 faders
  • Harmony UI integrates screen and wrap-around controls
  • Dual 12” capacitive touchscreen
  • Gesture control – pinch, swipe, drag ‘n drop
  • Dedicated multi-mode EQ view
  • Configurable widget areas for Scenes, meters, FX and more
  • 3 pages of 6 assignable rotaries per screen
  • 26 assignable SoftKeys
  • Engineer’s Wedge and IEM fader strips
  • Comprehensive multipoint metering
  • Daylight visibility
  • USB stereo recording and playback
  • 8 XLR mic/line in, 8 XLR line out
  • 2 digital st AES3 in, 3 digital st AES3 out
  • Connection hub
  • Dual redundant GigaACE gigabit link to MixRack
  • 1x redundant DX link for I/O expansion
  • 2x I/O Ports – 128 ch 96 kHz each
  • 2x Network ports
  • Wordclock BNC I/O
  • Video output
  • Dual redundant, hot swappable power supply

Allen Heath dlive


All dLive MixRacks available feature the same mix engine. The only difference between the 3 models are their number of analogue I/O. All models can work with the full 128 channels by adding DX expanders or patching digital sources. Other highlights include:

  • 32 mic/line inputs, 16 line outputs
  • XCVI 160×64 FPGA core
  • 96kHz sample rate
  • Variable bit-depth for ultimate precision and noise performance
  • Virtually infinite mix headroom thanks to 96bit accumulator
  • Class leading, ultra-low latency < 0.6ms
  • 128 Input Channels with full processing
  • 64 Mix Outputs with full processing
  • Configurable 64 bus architecture (group, FX, aux, matrix, mains)
  • LR, LCR and up to 5.1 mains mode
  • Multiple PFLs
  • 16 RackExtra FX with dedicated stereo returns
  • 16 DCAs
  • Built-in signal generator and RTA
  • New preamp design for extra transparency
  • Unique Active PAD circuit for consistent performance with any source
  • Connection hub
  • Dual redundant GigaACE gigabit link to Surface
  • 2x redundant DX links for I/O expansion
  • 3x I/O Ports – 128 ch 96 kHz each
  • Dedicated ME-1 48kHz port
  • 2x Network ports
  • Wordclock BNC I/O
  • Dual redundant, hot swappable power supply
  • Flush front panel with ultra quiet fan
  • Reversible rack ears design


Now let’s talk about that XCVI processing core. Allen & Heath pioneered the audio processing core with next generation of FPGA technology, using 36 parallel virtual processing cores. The dLive Digital Mixing System generates enough power for 160×64 channels which process at 96kHz sampling rate. 6 parallel mixing engines inside the dLive’s core calculate over 10,000 cross points per sample, and the FPGA router has the capacity for 3,000 x 3,000 audio paths. This means the XCVI preforms 25 billion operations per second and allows you 128 full processing inputs and 16 stereo FX returns. Not to mention the configurable 64 bus architecture, the 96bit accumulator and class leading latency at an ultra-low 0.58ms… WOW!


Finally, we have the Harmony User Interface that has been designed for the digital age. Gone are the days of digital mixers trying to function like the consoles of analogs past. Now we have this amazing interface that looks more like your iPad, Tablet or the phone in your pocket. It is completely intuitive and unrestrictive with functions like drag and drop, swiping, pitch and zoom, there has never been an easier time to operate an audio console. The Bespoke ‘widget’ areas can also be set up on the screens to keep track of scenes, meters, FX and other custom controls. Surrounding the screen are one knob / one function rotary controls, they give you grip and control for key processing functions.


The dLive Digital Mixing System, is a revolutionary mixing console, built with power, versatility, simplicity and endless possibilities. We can’t say enough good things about the dLive Digital Mixing System, it’s hands down one of the best and mixers we’ve ever used and one of our favorites. If you are interested in getting more information about the new dLive Digital Mixing System, or if you would like to purchase your own, please call Muzeek World, (877) 477-6432. Or email us today at


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