Allen Heath SQ Series Digital Compact Mixers

By | November 7, 2018

Allen Heath SQ Series Compact and affordable Digital Consoles



So there are a lot 16-32 channel Digital consoles out there from Behringer, Midas, QSC, Yamaha, to the Ashly and the Soundcraft models. Some have more functions than others and others are more robust and will last over 10 years.  My point is that there are no bad consoles as they are do what they do for the cost and more. So, if your budget is $15,000.00 don’t get a Behringer get a console that is built like a Rolls Royce. The Allen and Heath SQ Series to me is the best of both worlds, as its robust cost effective and has more functions than you need.  Its built on their 96kHz XCVI core which will give you an amazing clean sound with almost 0 latency.  They sort of though if it all when they made this console.  From its on-board mic mixing function, to its in-ear monitoring setups.


The Allen Heath SQ Series Digital Consoles come in 3 flavors. The smallest being the SQ-5, which comes with 17 faders, 1 fader being the main fader. 16 Mic/line inputs in the back and 12 outputs and a AES out. You can easily expand the inputs to 48 by adding their I/O boxes.  Their mid-size unit is the SQ-6 which is pretty much the same but it comes with 25 faders and if your anything like me I love my faders!  Their larges model is the SQ-7, did anyone say 33 faders! So if your pocket can stretch a little definitely opt in for the SQ-7, it will make you feel like a rock star.  You can create 96kHz mixdowns on a USB drive to take and dump elsewhere.


My conclusion is that the SQ series is probably one of my favorite series Allen and Heath has come out with besides their big daddy dLive consoles.  The street on their largest console the SQ-7 is only $4999.00, and way worth every penny.


If you would like to get a low quote on any of their models please email us and I’m sure we will not be undersold!  Call 877-477-6432 or email for info and pricing