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Muzeek World is the U.S. Distributor for Appsys Products. We are very excited in supporting and offering this incredible set of products in the U.S.
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A little About Appsys

Digital snake, value for money: less than $17/channel!*

Still believe digital multicores are expensive? Or proprietary? Think again….

Use our ADAT Multicore Extenders to connect any number of ADAT compatible equipment with standard Cat5 network cabling. Reaches longer than fiber (330ft/100m), weights less than analog cable (only 1 Cat5 for 32 channels), is cheaper than MADI and more compatible than proprietary systems. The newest generation comes with additional features (like MIDI transmission) which have been often requested by our customers.


With a total capacity of 32 audio channels and MIDI connection over a single Cat5 cable, the ADX-32B is the right choice for building an inexpensive 24/8 multicore. The transmission direction can be set individually for each ADAT channels, and with an extension module, the ADX-32B can be upgraded later to an ADX-64B-PRO if you need more channels. On request, the ADX-32B is also available with a BNC wordclock output which simplifies wordclock distribution with your devices (e.g. preamps on stage).


Our top model combines two ADX-32B in a single case. With its total capacity of 64 channels, one MIDI channel (two optional), wordclock transmission, a newly introduced wordclock-from-ADAT feature which eliminates the need of a BNC master clock, the redundant power supply (optional), the ADX-64B is ideally suited for larger setups. This model uses two Cat5 cables for transmission.


All ADAT input are also looped through to the output jack alongside, often eliminating the need for additional signal splitters for monitoring and recording. If you still need more, you can daisy-chain multiple ADX units together and use them as extensible audio distribution system, e. g. for streaming audio data within buildings to multiple locations.

Both device types are compatible and can be combined: For example, you can use an ADX-64B-PRO at your mix console, and two ADX-32B on stage (one located on the right and one on the left side). A simple ADAT splitter can be built by looping the Cat5 cables through on an ADX-64B-PRO. If you need a longer reach than 330ft/100m, an ADX-64B-PRO can also be used as Cat5 signal repeater by simply connecting ADAT In/Outs from the two submodules together. Imagine what else can be done…

On request, the ADX can be modified to include DMX transmission, eliminating the need for a seperate DMX cable run. The devices will be delivered with a female DMX receptable on one device, and a male DMX plug on the other. Note: The DMX option reduces the number of available ADAT connections by 1. This means that the ADX-32B still has 3*ADAT (24 channels) available, while 7*ADAT (56 channels) remain in the ADX-64B-PRO.

Remote Gain Control for (almost) every preamp!

Digital snake systems like our ADAT Multicore Extender have many advantages. But with these systems, the mic preamps are usually located on stage, and you cannot adjust the gain locally from FOH – this can be an issue if you just wanted to “give some dB less” during the show. Remote controllable preamps are the solution, but they are hard to find and even more expensive – not the right thing when building a low-budget system.

That’s why we developed a modkit which works with most preamps and allows you to add remote gain control via MIDI. Simple to do, even simpler to use.


In remote mode, gain adjustment is entirely done over the optocouplers. They are controlled by an external box (the Remote Gain Controller) which is in turn controlled via MIDI from the mix console at FOH position (the MIDI channel of the ADAT-Multicore-Extender ADX-32B and ADX-64B-PRO can be used for this purpose). When remote control is active, the original gain pots must be in leftmost (min) position. If local control is desired, the Remote Gain Controller can be switched off by either pressing the “MODE” key, by issuing a MIDI message, or by simply removing the control cable from the preamp.


ART TubeOpto 8

Behringer ADA8000
Focusrite OctoPre mkII
Focusrite OctoPre mkII Dynamics
Mackie Onyx 800R
Presonus Digimax D8
RME Octamic
all other preamps where the gain pot is between 5k and 50k (log taper) and is used in 2-pin (rheostat) configuration.
Special pots with dual or triple wiper are supported on request.


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