Audio Mastering With Yamaha CL3 Digital Console

By | May 13, 2013

Yamaha CL3 digital console is designed efficiently by the sound engineers with a motive of providing a ray of hope in the customers that finally they would be getting some quality sound through a standardized sound producing device. Those who have used Yamaha CL3 digital mixing console agrees to a common point that it is the one they craved for. This remarkable sound producing system is designed by the sound engineers using their highly artistic and creative minds with the core purpose of sound strengthening applications for example performing theaters, houses of worship, touring, arts venues, remote broadcast etc. The manufacturing experts have been highly successful in audio mastering with Yamaha CL3 Digital Console.

The sound system has proven its worth among the users and is now known for its quality sound which it produces to its customers. Other than the sound quality there are multiple factors which will certainly force you to go for Yamaha CL3. While creating Yamaha CL3, the sound engineers have taken great care of its simplicity. Due to its simple setup, it is not complex to use as it would take hardly few hours for its operators to learn the functionalities of Yamaha CL3.


Yamaha cl3 Digital Mixer

Yamaha cl3 Digital Mixer


The Leading Sound Producing Device

The Centrologic user interface used in the Yamaha CL3 is comprehensible and easy to use for its customers. You would not find it difficult to operate the sound system. With the Yamaha CL3’s Centrologic interface, a highly approachable colored touch screen and a collection of user definable buttons and rotary encoders are integrated, which are freely configurable and are designed to serve you by authorizing the controls of any amalgamation of outputs, inputs or the 16 DCA faders. The Yamaha CL3 Digital mixing console also characterizes the opportunity of installing an external MBCL meter bridge. Undoubtedly, we can conclude that it is one of the finest and leading sound producing devices which not only facilitates its customers with the ease of using it, rather it also gives quality sound to the listeners.


Benefits of using the Audio master piece

Yamaha CL3 can be called as the audio master piece as it contains all the qualities which make it the phenomenal sound system. Yamaha CL3 facilitates you with the control surface which is aimed to provide the changeable channel names which are displayed on the peak of every fader along with the flexible color bars so that you could change the channel names and colors according to your requirements.

The menus and the parameters can be set up with the help of an accessible touch screen. All you have to do is to touch the display with your fingers and get all your requirements fulfilled. The 64 mono and 8 stereo input channels, 8 fader Centrologic section, 16 fader left section, 2 fader master segment, an additional meter bridge and for the I pad users Yamaha CL3 provides a stainless steel tray to hold up the I pads are the exceptional features of Yamaha CL3 Digital Mixing Console that makes it the top most sound producing device which is highly demanded by the customers.