Avid Command|8 8-Fader Control Surface for ProTools, HD, LE & Media Composer

By | February 27, 2013

Meet the Avid Command|8….we think it’s pretty cool!

When you are looking for a compact fader control surface that is at a great price point and designed and made for Pro Tools, this is what you want to consider! We have searched all over for a control surface that most people would love to have and this is at the top of the list! Just try not to get too excited when you see what the Command|8 has to offer.  At Muzeek World, we love putting together complete systems or just going into detail about the one item you have your eye on! Please feel free to contact us at 877-477-6432 ex 101 or email sales@muzeekworld.com and we would be happy to help you get exactly what you are looking for.

Meet the Avid Command|8

Command|8 puts integrated, tactile manipulation of Pro Tools TDM or LE systems running on Windows XP or Mac OS X at your fingertips more affordably than ever before. While there are several compact control surface options from third-party manufacturers compatible with Pro Tools, only Command|8 was made by Avid and Focusrite specifically for Pro Tools. As a result, Command|8 provides a great deal more sophisticated control with Pro Tools software, and has been tested and qualified specifically for Pro Tools. Hows that for all of you Pro Tool fanatics!?

Borrowing elements from Avid’s higher-end control surfaces, Command|8’s eight bankable channels of moving faders, rotary encoders, and displays enable you to control Pro Tools with the hands-on feel of a traditional analog console. What’s more, its onboard monitor system features Focusrite audio performance and quality, accommodating Pro Tools audio along with external inputs, speakers, and separately controlled headphone outs. A simple USB connection facilitates communication between Command|8 and your computer.

Command|8 also includes an integrated, fully editable MIDI interface and features a stand-alone MIDI controller mode, enabling you to use it with your favorite third-party MIDI applications and devices — any that accept MIDI control change messages for level, panning, solo, mute, MIDI Machine Control, and other mappable parameters.
For post production suites, Avid products are natively supported by Command|8, including Avid Media Composer. When used with Avid products, Command|8 can be used to control the Automation Gain Tool for recording dynamic volume automation as well as Solo, Mute and Snap Mode on and off. Better yet, Command|8’s onboard monitor section alleviates the need for an external mixer for speaker control.

Command|8 Features

  • Inexpensive, full-featured control surface specifically designed for Pro Tools
  • Supports both Pro Tools TDM and LE systems (independently)
  • Simple USB connection to your PC or Mac
  • Compact size; comfortable ergonomic layout
  • 8 touch sensitive motorized faders, 8 automatable rotary encoders with LED rings
  • Big, bright, 110-character (55 characters x 2 rows) backlit LCD display for easily viewing information
  • Integrated 1-IN/2-OUT MIDI interface (16 channel in, 32 out)
  • Standalone MIDI controller mode
  • Flexible Focusrite onboard monitoring section
  • Works natively with the Avid family of products’ Automation Gain Tool
  • May be used in conjunction with ProControl, Control|24, and Digi 002


110-character LCD Display

  • Displays track names, track & plug-in parameter values, timecode, etc.

Channel View Controls

  • Plug-in or Pan/Send controls for a selected INSERT or SEND

Master Bypass, ESC

Console View Controls

  • Controls status display of pans, sends, or inserts across all channels simultaneously
  • Defaults to channel pan position; select A-E to determine which SEND or INSERT values are displayed in the scribble strip

Modifier Keys

  • Correspond to their computer keyboard counterparts

Fader Section

  • 100 mm touch-sensitive moving faders with support for +12 dB fader scale
  • SELECT, SOLO and MUTE buttons and color-coded LED indicators
  • Multi-purpose rotary encoders with 11-LED rings displaying pan position, send level, etc.
  • Five-segment LED meters (0 to –42 dBFS)

Control Room and Headphone Controls

  • Control Room: Mute, Mono, and External Source monitor selectors; dedicated volume level control
  • Headphones: 1/4″ stereo headphone jack; dedicated volume level control

Miscellaneous Controls and Indicators

  • Record-enable, Pan/Meter (with L/R indicators), Enter, and Undo selectors
  • Standalone button — Places Command|8 into stand-alone controller mode
  • USB and MIDI activity indicators

Master Fader/Flip Controls

  • Master Fader: Activate to move master fader control to the rightmost faders
  • Flip: Activate to move PAN/SEND or INSERT control from rotary encoders to faders

Navigation Keys

  • Four-key navigation pad enables you to BANK through software mixer eight faders at a time, NUDGE through mixer one channel at a time, or ZOOM in or out on track data horizontally or vertically, and move the play selector horizontally and vertically

Specialized Function Controls

  • Including Utility,Midi Edit (for MIDI mapping), PRE/Midi recall (recalls MIDI controller sets, MIDI maps, or Avid PRE parameter values), Fader Mute, and plug-in Focus

General Controls

  • Select Pro Tools interface window (Plug-in, Mix, or Edit), Loop Play, Loop Record, Quick Punch, and Memory Location

Transport Controls

  • Control common transport functions within Pro Tools (Play, Record, Stop, etc.)


  • 1-IN/2-OUT MIDI interface
  • USB connector
  • 1/4″ Punch In connector


  • Speaker outputs — 1/4″ TRS (balanced/unbalanced) connectors with +4 / –10 push button

Monitor Inputs

  • Main and External Source stereo inputs — 1/4″ TRS (balanced/unbalanced) connectors with +4 / –10 push button per pair


  • Power cable connector
  • Power switch

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