By | February 7, 2012
SC48 includes the Remore 48 Stage Box
Ships with VENUE software 3.0 and Pro Tools 10
Studio-quality sound goes the distance
Get the same amazing sound quality, reliability, and portability of VENUE SC48 in a more versatile solution. As an alternative to the all-in-one SC48, the VENUE SC48 Remote System features the award-winning SC48 digital console paired with the new VENUE Stage 48 remote box, enabling you to place your I/O away from the console and closer to your sources, eliminating bulky cable clutter. And with fully integrated Pro Tools recording/playback and plug-in support, you can bring the sound of the studio to any live performance.
Key benefits
Get the sound, power, and reliability of VENUE in a flexible, compact system
Gain more pristine audio quality by placing mic preamps as close to sources as possible, eliminating long analog cable runs
Get highly reliable transmission through low-latency, open Ethernet AVB connectivity
Mix up to 48 inputs and 16 outputs (expandable to 32) between SC48 and Stage 48
Record and play back up to 32 Pro Tools tracks with just a laptop
Bring the sound of the studio to any live performance with direct plug-in support
Work with and transport show files created on any VENUE system

Go the distance with the Stage 48 remote I/O box

With Stage 48, which comes with 32 inputs and 16 outputs in the SC48 Remote System configuration, you can place your I/O anywhere-up to 328 feet (100 meters) from the console, and closer to your sources for maximum fidelity. And because it features fully redundant, auto-switching Ethernet AVB snake connections over inexpensive, lightweight Cat5e cable (which connects to SC48 via the Ethernet Snake Card), you get the utmost reliability-without bulky cable clutter. You can also expand and customize the I/O for your needs.



What’s included:
VENUE Stage 48 remote I/O box
Ethernet Snake Card
VENUE software
Pro Tools software*
Bundled plug-ins
Cables, accessories, and guides