Aviom A16II Monitor Mixing System

By | October 4, 2011

Aviom’s Pro16 Personal Mixing system is an easy and economical way to improve monitor mixes, lower stage volume, speed soundchecks, improve the sound in a performance space, and make recording sessions and rehearsals more efficient and more fun. For performers and recording artists in houses of worship, on concert stages, in orchestra pits, in the studio, and on the set, Aviom Personal Mixers give musicians precise, independent control over their monitor mixes.

Aviom Personal Mixers are easy to learn, simple to use, and flexible enough to integrate into any setup regardless of what type of console you are using or whether performers are using floor wedges, headphones, or in-ear monitors.

Improve monitor and cue mixes
Improve sound on stage and in house
Streamline soundchecks
Perfect for in-ear monitors
Simple user interface; no technical skills required to use
No computer programming

How It Works

An Aviom personal mixing system distributes up to 16 channels of audio—typically a combination of inserts, direct outs, and auxes or groups—to individual performers’ Personal Mixers, which performers use to customize their monitor mix. All audio is distributed over standard Cat-5e cables, using Aviom’s A-Net® digital audio connectivity technology.

An Aviom personal mixing system can be easily tailored to meet the exact needs of any ensemble, facility, or organization. The system is fully modular, nearly infinitely expandable, and very easy to set up, so getting started building a system is simple and straightforward.