BARCO FLM R22+ SXGA+, 22,000 lumens three-chip DLP projector

By | July 26, 2012


Barco’s FLM R22+ projector is an ultra-bright, durable projector with picture-in-picture capabilities. It is a perfect fit for any large venue that requires extra brightness to show clear, crisp images in a luminous environment.

Powerful projection for large venues

The FLM R22+’s 22,000 lumens light output means that it will be able to display widescreen, high-contrast images of superior quality even in venues with lots of ambient light. Through its superior video processing and picture-in-picture capabilities, you can render your presentations interactive and energizing without having to buy extra peripherals.

Most silent projector in its class

In its class, Barco’s FLM R22+ offers some of the lowest noise levels known, thanks to its liquid cooling, which makes it a silent, unobtrusive ally for your venue. The FLM further features a sealed optical engine that prevents dust, smoke or other environmental contamination to its image quality. These features render it an optimal choice for anyone that is looking for the most reliable visualization available.

Low Total cost of ownership

  • Sealed engine with constant image quality over time
  • Projector designed for high resistance against external contamination
  • Extended lamp warranty (750 hours)
  • Extremely good lamp maintenance (typical 1,000 hrs)
  • A new improved TLD+HD lens range (available as of September 2008) that is fully compatible with the industry leading Barco SLM and RLM projector series

Purpose built for demanding rental & staging applications

  • Fully sealed optics
  • Easy to set-up and install
  • Easy to service
  • Easy to transport
  • Removable lamp house, power supply & electronics
  • Low video delay (broadcast live events)
  • Universal lamp house for all FLM projectors

Fit for any Widescreen & Creative application

  • High brightness projection at 22,000 center lumens
  • “High-Contrast Mode” (2,400:1) feature enables you to make a trade-off between brightness and contrast, depending on your application.
  • Low video delay, very important when broadcasting life events
  • Ultimate solution for projection on multiple screens and special surfaces

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