Benefits of Bose PM8500 Amplifier

By | December 31, 2013

Bose PM8500 Amplifier

Bose has always been a king of manufacturing sound producing products. Among several other manufacturing companies prevailing in the market of sound producing products, Bose has always preserved its place at the front. All its products are equally consistent in performing efficiently and producing finest quality of sound. Bose PM8500 Amplifier is one of the most innovative and capable amplifiers in the world.  It has been duly successful in fulfilling customer’s requirements and giving you more than what you expect. The introduction of this yet another phenomenal sound producing device initiated a new wave of refinement in the technology and gave its customers clear opportunity of listening to the tremendous yet clear audio sound quality.

Bose Power Match PM8500 professional amplifier is an expert device to fulfill your music needs and is capable of going through different configurations. This professional power amplifier allows the users to undergo first-class quality of sound at multiple venues.  It allows wide opportunities for fixed installation sound reinforcement systems. This article is all about the features and benefits of using Bose Power Match PM8500 professional amplifier.

Features of Bose PM8500 Amplifier

The Power Match Class-D PM8500 amplifier includes the latest technologies by Bose and features the proficiency and reliability of Class-D. Moreover, the combination of Class-D and a dual feedback circuit makes the Bose PM8500 Amplifier more reliable and efficient with increases power output and audio performance. It entails the Quad Bridge output mode where the unit can configure the outputs in three-channel modes; single, dual and or quad channel mode.  The Peak Bank power supply improves the efficiency of Bose Power Match PM8500 professional amplifier while enhancing the peak burst power to ensure high-quality transient response. It also features Auto-standby or Auto-wake function, which helps the system in consuming less power.

Benefits of Bose PM8500 Amplifier

The customers highly rely on Class-D power amplifiers, which have been providing extraordinary performance and sound quality to its customers for more than 20 years. Bose Power Match PM8500 professional amplifier is among one of those few sound producing devices that entails the latest technologies of bose with the target of providing a complete package including efficiency in performance, top-notch quality of sound, trustworthiness and class-leading power. The engineers have embedded Bose PM8500 configurable amplifiers with the Ethernet connectivity for network control and it possess the capability to intermingle with the Room Match array modules as well as several other professional loudspeakers.

The biggest advantage of using Bose Power Match PM8500 professional amplifier is that it endows the designers with intense versatility and configurability to install it at different applications including house of worships, hospitality venues, lobbies, and conference rooms, ballrooms, performing art venues, arenas and auditoriums. It is intuitive yet scalable, which increases its worth and people get more attracted towards the phenomenal benefits it gives the customers.

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