Biamp Tesira Processors

By | February 27, 2015

The world of business relies on clear communication, whether that takes place in a conference room or across multiple rooms. Corporations and companies need to operate at an efficient level, and the technology driving their speech needs to be on par. That’s where Biamp processors come in. The Oregon-based company crafts beautiful digital signal processors that are customizable and configurable. The new Tesira line offers customizable, configurable devices that work in a variety of environments, from compact city council chambers to ginormous gymnasiums!

There are several devices in the line of Biamp Tesira processors. There are two digital network servers: the Biamp Tesira SERVER and the Biamp Tesira SERVER-IO. There are four digital audio servers: the Biamp TesiraFORTE AI, the Biamp TesiraFORTE CI, the Biamp TesiraFORTE TI and the Biamp TesiraFORTE VI. Then there’s the Biamp Tesira EX-MOD, a compact modular expander. In addition to all of that gear, there are two Ethernet control devices: the surface mount Biamp Tesira TEC-1s and the in-wall Biamp Tesira TEC-1i.

All of those Biamp digital signal processors feature amazing technology known as Audio Video Bridging, or AVB for short. AVB is a group of IEEE 802.1 open standard networking protocols. These protocols let media streams travel over Ethernet-based networks parallel to traditional data without any interference. Existing cable infrastructure is used, so there’s no need for custom cables. Ethernet switches become active components in audio/video systems in AVB networking solutions. The Biamp Tesira devices are the most flexible digital networking and digital audio devices on the market today thanks to AVB technology! Combine that with eloquent design and premier performance and you get devices that offer a variety of networking capabilities for different installation applications and environments!

Let’s take a look at the different Tesira DSP models.

Biamp Tesira SERVER digital network server signal processor face front panel


The Biamp Tesira SERVER is a digital network server with highly scalable processing. It comes factory-configured with one DSP-2 card, but has enough capacity to accept up to eight DSP-2 cards. A recent update also allows the SERVER to use two network cards from Dante, CobraNet, AVB expansion or some combination of them. This way you can mix and match network cards to fit the application and environment. This Biamp digital network server is flexible enough to allow I/O devices to be placed at ends points, with any I/O device able to take advantage of the available processing. The Tesira SERVER has two unique Biamp algorithms known as SpeechSense and AmbientSense. These special algorithms can distinguish between speech and noise, thereby enhancing speech processing. Advanced audio processing is included and offers equalization, signal routing, signal mixing, filtering, dynamics and more.

Biamp Tesira SERVER digital network server signal processor rear back


The Biamp Tesira SERVER-IO is a unique digital network server that features highly scalable processing and I/O capability in a single device. It can support up to three DSP-2 cards, 12 I/O cards and a combination of AVB, CobraNet and Dante expansion cards. Twelve standard Tesira I/O cards combine for a total channel count of up to 48! The inputs and outputs can be mic and line level, VoIP and telephone interface. Up to three audio networking cards can be used per Tesira SERVER-IO. Combinations can include up to one AVB-1 Audio Video Bridging network card, up to two SCM-1 CobraNet network cards and up to two DAN-1 Dante network cards. Onboard digital signal processing offers two Biamp-exclusive algorithms known as SpeechSense and AmbientSense. These algorithms have the ability to distinguish between voice and noise, thereby enhancing speech processing. The Tesira SERVER-IO digital network server also features advanced audio processing functions similar to the Tesira SERVER. This includes signal routing, signal mixing, dynamics, filtering and more.

Biamp Tesira SERVER-IO digital network server signal processor rear back SERVER IO


Biamp’s TesiraFORTE models are digital audio servers. There are four models total, which are: the TesiraFORTE AI, the TesiraFORTE CI, the TesiraFORTE TI and the TesiraFORTE VI. There are two different versions for each model, one AVB and one non-AVB. Not every application requires audio networking, which is why there are non-AVB versions. The functionalities are the same, excluding those related to AVB. Each model is optimized for specific applications and environments with fixed I/O configurations. Here are the functional differences in what each model is capable of:

AEC – available on the CI, TI and VI

VoIP Conferencing – available on the VI only

Standard Telephone Conferencing – available on the TI only

Audio Networking – available on all four AVB models

Biamp TesiraFORTE AI digital audio server signal processor face front panel Fonte

TesiraFORTE digital audio servers host their own Tesira configuration files and therefore don’t require connection to a Tesira SERVER or SERVER-IO to function. It’s also possible to host a Biamp Canvas file and to control a device through Biamp Canvas interfaces. AVB models can host audio and logic expanders, as well as send firmware updates through the Ethernet port. Each model features a USB port for up to eight channels of configurable USB support.

Tesira EX-MOD

The Biamp Tesira EX-MOD is a modular expander that’s made to work with all of the digital signal processing devices above. The EX-MOD offers remote placement of input and output capabilities, which you can configure to work within the local range. The flexible modular design makes it easy to change or expand your system. This modular expander can take up to three, four-channel input/output expander cards. This in turn allows for up to 12 channels!

Biamp Tesira EX-MOD Modular Expander digital signal processor face front panel EX MOD

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