Biamp TesiraFORTE CI Fixed Audio Server

By | September 13, 2016

Biamp TesiraFORTE CI – External Codec Conferencing Solution

Soft codec conferencing is quickly becoming the go-to in global business, and the TesiraFORTÉ CI is the perfect model to help you use this technology to your advantage. Get the best of both worlds by passing every audio signal through a powerful and trusted DSP that guarantees every word is heard. With the USB port allowing direct integration with soft codec technologies, and AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) technology delivering superior conferencing audio, the TesiraFORTÉ CI is made for genuine collaborative communication. The TesiraFORTÉ CI digital server-class device features fixed I/O configuration of 12 mic/line level inputs (with Sona AEC technology) and 8 mic/line level outputs, 4 GPIO connections, and up to 8 channels of configurable USB audio. Other TesiraFORTE models include the TesiraFORTE AI, TesiraFORTE TI, and the TesiraFORTE VI.

The TesiraFORTE non AVB models include the same features as the AVB models, aside from those correlated to AVB networking. They are still capable of interfacing with third party controls and being controlled and programmed remotely over a network. The non AVB TesiraFORTÉ models are a cost competitive, premium audio solution for environments where audio networking isn’t a requirement. These models are best intended for conference rooms in need of their own audio DSP.





Biamp TesiraFORTE CI Key Features:

  • External Codec Conferencing Solution
  • 12 mic/line level inputs with AEC, 8 mic/line level outputs
  • Up to 8 channels of configurable USB audio
  • RS-232 serial port
  • 4-pin GPIO
  • 128 x 128 channels of AVB (AVB model only)
  • Fully compatible with Tesira servers, expanders, and controllers (AVB model only)
  • Included default configuration file allows for plug-and-play usage

Excellent For:

  • General Room Audio
  • Background Music
  • Court Recording
  • Lecture/Meeting Recording
  • Voice Lift and/or Mix-Minus
  • Soft Codec Integration


  • EX-IN: PoE+ 4-channel mic/line input expander
  • EX-AEC: PoE+ 4-channel mic/line input expander with AEC
  • EX-OUT: PoE+ 4-channel mic/line output expander
  • EX-IO: PoE+ 2-channel mic/line input and 2-channel mic/line output expander
  • EX-MOD: Modular expander that can be configured with up to three input and/or output cards
  • EX-LOGIC: PoE logic expander with 16 logic GPIO (4 GPIO are configurable for potentiometer interface)


  • Tesira HD-1: Tesira Tabletop Dialer
  • Tesira TEC-1s: Tesira PoE Ethernet control device: surface mount
  • Tesira TEC-1i: Tesira PoE Ethernet control device: in-wall mount
  • Tesira EX-LOGIC: Tesira PoE logic expander with 16 logic GPIO (4 GPIO are configurable for potentiometer interface)