Black Magic Pocket Camera

By | January 8, 2014

Seriously one of the best portable cameras that can shoot cinema quality movies. The Black Magic Pocket Camera is the most advanced  small, portable Camera.  We shot some videos with it, and it seriously blew us away.  You dont ned all the fancy big, heavy cameras now days to shoot a very professionla video, the Pocket Camera is all you need. Everything Black Magic makes are very sold and well made.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera lets you use the most incredible range of lenses. With the Super 16 size sensor you can use a wide range of adapters for film quality Super 16 lenses, or use commonly available low cost Micro Four Thirds lenses and more. With full electronic control of your lens, you can simply point and set iris all on command! The Micro Four Thirds lens mount also gives you the flexibility to adapt to PL or other lens mounts as required.

Shoot True Digital Film

The digital film camera
that’s always with you!

Wide Dynamic Range

Retain more image detail for more color grading power

Highest Quality

The technology of a digital film camera packed into a tiny size








Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera records into high quality ProRes 422 (HQ) and lossless compressed CinemaDNG files so you retain fine image detail with wide dynamic range for amazing images. This means that Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is one of the few cameras to support true open file formats, so you’re not locked into a strange file format that your editing software can’t handle. You get two dynamic range settings, film Log or video REC709, so you can choose the right dynamic range for your project. Using DaVinci Resolve Lite you can color correct files natively or transcode them into a different file format to suit your post production workflow.