Bose DXA2120 Mixer Amplifier

By | July 23, 2014



The Bose DXA2120 Mixer Amplifier is an awesome Digital amplifier plus mixer I think its  perfect for retail stores, bars, hotels, lobbies, conference rooms and many more venues. It provides strength, management, direction and flexibility to construct the accurate surrounding. The multi talented FreeSpace bose dxa 2120 digital mixer holds your breath as the soothing quality of sound emerges from it.

The stylish and sleek design of the wall-mounted user interface which is the part of FreeSpace bose dxa 2120 digital mixer gives the ability of user control from certain locations which are quite out of the way. FreeSpace series bose dxa mixers holds a certain characteristics which makes it the first choice of the customers. It has characteristics which makes it extremely phenomenal and reliable.

Operability, Configuration and Installation

You do not need a computer to operate the product because of the onboard setup controls. It facilitates you with an easy to use single component which contains mixing, routing and digital signal process summed up. Its features include a total of six inputs which includes a page input, a direct input and four mic/line inputs. The use of Opti voice paging makes certain the understandable and clear announcements at a significant level of sound where chosen. The well-mounted volume controls are very easy to use plus the selection of particular source could be done well with the help of graceful user interfaces.

The FreeSpace bose dxa 2120 digital mixer possess three modes for additional flexibility and versatility.

  • The Mixer Mode which is designed to hold the meetings with up to 4 microphone inputs.
  • The Dual Mono Select Mode helps to establish one or two listening surroundings each with two distinctive program sources.
  • Stereo Select Mode is useful when the stereo music is the element of your venue. It develops a particular zone with two selectable program foundations

The installation is quite easy to carry and the multiple modes which are suitable for all the possible surroundings make the operability and the configuration simple.

 Performance and Flexibility

The FreeSpace bose dxa 2120 digital mixer equip your venues with the higher level of its performing capabilities. It provides you the required quality of sound which you expect from the amplifier belonging to the, bose dxa series amplifier amplifiers. This versatile yet flexible product is appropriate to be the part of conference rooms and many other indoor applications.


Get the FreeSpace bose dxa 2120 digital mixer and experience the pleasure of the lucid quality of sound.

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