Bose MA12 Panaray Modular Speaker , great for Churches!!

By | April 1, 2011

Panaray® MA12 Modular Line Array Loudspeaker

This 300-watt loudspeaker is designed for use in single and multiple configurations in permanently installed indoor applications. The slim profile of the Panaray MA12 loudspeaker adds an attractive design element to any installation.

The Panaray MA12 loudspeaker delivers high speech intelligibility and natural sounding music in some of the most acoustically demanding spaces—with little or no acoustic treatment. A vertical line array of twelve 2.25″ (57 mm) drivers provides wide horizontal and narrow vertical pattern control. Bose® MA12 loudspeakers reproduce the entire critical vocal range between 155 Hz and 12 kHz, -3 dB (100 Hz to 16 kHz, -10 dB) with no crossover required. As a result, this loudspeaker is surprisingly effective, delivering speech with intelligibility and clarity.

For outdoor installations or for installations where a full frequency range between 75 Hz and 13 kHz, -3 dB (58 Hz to 16 kHz, -10 dB) is required, the Panaray MA12EX modular line array loudspeaker is recommended. To compare the MA12 and the MA12EX loudspeakers, see the Panaray MA12 and MA12EX Comparison Guide.

For applications where greater frequency range and/or greater maximum SPL is desired, combine the MA12 loudspeaker with any of the Panaray MB line of modular bass loudspeakers.

Used alone or stacked in multiples, the Panaray MA12 delivers premium sound in an elegantly slim cabinet that practically disappears in indoor houses of worship, multipurpose spaces, auditoriums, transportation hubs, gymnasiums, atriums and malls.