BURL AUDIO AD/DA Chassis, Converters & Cards

By | June 2, 2016

As of late, BURL AUDIO has been rocking the music world with their all-star lineup of AD/DA chassis, converters, and cards. Musicians, industry professionals, and enthusiasts all agree that BURL AUDIO is leading the way when it comes to analog to digital and digital to analog conversion. There is something uniquely special about the “BURL sound” that must be heard to be believed.

First up in the BURL AUDIO lineup we have the B80 MOTHERSHIP Chassis, an 80-channel configurable AD/DA Interface. In simplest terms, it has completely revolutionized digital recording. The B80 MOTHERSHIP brings a certain soul, warmth, and musicality into digital recording that so many people have felt was missing.

Burl M80 FrontBURL M80 BACK

(Pictured Above: B80 MOTHERSHIP Chassis front and back, fully loaded)

The B80 MOTHERSHIP has been meticulously designed to enhance any type of music, broadcast, or film recording. In today’s digital age, many long for the novel tone and character of past recordings. On top of that, analog tape is an art form that is slowly fading away. Thankfully, The B80 MOTHERSHIP is here to bridge this analog to digital gap, offering an unreal level of quality and character.

The B80 MOTHERSHIP utilizes a card-based system and features a burly 4U main chassis. Ten card slots with 2, 4 and 8 channel AD/DA cards are available, each of which come with B2 BOMBER quality signal routing. Every card slot accepts AD/DA, AES, MADI and BCLK. Further advancing the technology of the 2-channel B2 BOMBERS, the B80 MOTHERSHIP is a product of BURL AUDIO’s relentless pursuit of analog perfection. The end result is both a beautiful sound and feeling.

For those looking for the B80 in a smaller, 2U, 2-slot version, the B16 MOTHERSHIP is here! The B16 is a 16-channel configurable AD/DA that is available with either Digi-link, MADI, Dante, or SoundGrid Motherboard connectivity.



(Above: B16 MOTHERSHIP front and back, fully loaded)

The beauty of the B80 MOTHERSHIP also lies in its versatility. Since the chassis itself is completely customizable, you can design a converter for any situation. If you are strictly mixing, power up the B80 with 8 BDA8 cards for 64 channels of amazing fidelity. For live tracking situations, 6 BAD4 cards give you 24 B2 quality inputs, while 4 BDA8 cards give you 32 channels of outputs so you can rock on! In addition, digital interconnection is entirely configurable, and controlled by an interchangeable motherboard. BURL AUDIO offers three different digital motherboards: the BMB1 (Digi-link), BMB2 (MADI) and BMB3 (Dante). The BMB1 comes with two Digi-link connectors to directly connect with Pro Tools.

bda81(Above: BDA8 card front and back)

The BAD4 is a 24 bit, 4-channel ADC card designed specifically for the B80 MOTHERSHIP. It features 44.1k Hz to 192k Hz, as well as the exact same circuit path as the B2 BOMBER ADC. The BAD4 includes nothing but class-A circuitry, and has features 4 XLR connectivity as well.


(Above: B2 BOMBER ADC front and back)

The BDA8 is 24 bit, 8-channel DAC specifically for the B80 as well. The BDA8 features a circuit path based off of the B2 BOMBER DAC. With 44.1k Hz to 192k Hz, class-A circuitry, and D-sub DB-25 connectivity, the BDA8 DAC card offers an amazing value.

dac11(Above: B2 BOMBER DAC front and back)

Here at Muzeek World we are conveniently offering an array of BURL AUDIO bundles for those looking to take their sound to the next level. The first bundle is the BURL 12×16 Configuration which consists of (1) B80, (3) BAD4, and (2) BDA8. The 16×16 Bundle comes with (1) B80, (4) BAD4, and (2) BDA8. The 16×24 Bundle comes with (1) B80, (4) BAD4, and (3) BDA8. Our 24×24 Bundle includes (1) B80, (6) BAD4, and (3) BDA8, and our 24×32 Bundle comes with (1) B80, (6) BAD4, and (4) BDA8. If you have any questions or concerns, or need assistance choosing the right product or package for you, do not hesitate to call us at 877-477-6432 or email us sales@muzeekworld.com.