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Furman Power Supply

Audio/Video equipment requires consistent, clean power to operate at decent levels. This is true for both studio/recording and live/touring gear. Now take a moment to think about all that gear. Every instrument, speaker, mixer and microphone all plugged into a wall outlet or outlet strip. That gear is left unprotected if a power failure happens.… Read More »

Bose Ceiling Speakers

Is your house of worship or place of business in need of high-quality ceiling speakers? Then take a look at these Bose loudspeakers. The DS 16F, DS 40F and DS 100F are all powerful and affordable flush-mounts that can be used for music and speech reproduction. They are for indoor use only and are perfect… Read More »

Together at Last: Midas DL16 and Midas M32

The Midas DL16 Digital Stagebox has finally arrived! Even better, it’s totally made to use with the Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console! The DL16 is a rugged and compact 2U rackmount digital stagebox that offers all the inputs and outputs you could want in an external piece of hardware! Prior to the release of the… Read More »

Genelec Smart Active Monitoring Systems

Muzeek World is proud to announce that we now carry Genelec Smart Active Monitoring System packages! We carry a variety of packages that include 8320A monitors, 8330A monitors and 7350A subwoofers. Let’s examine the multiple components in these systems. First, a bit about SAM systems. Genelec Smart Active Monitoring systems are some of the most… Read More »

Yamaha CL5 Price

Yamaha CL5 Digital Console First off if your searching the web just to get the lowest price on the Yamaha Cl Series then you can just call us 877-477-6432  ex 101 , or email us at  and not waist any time…Get The Lowest Price!             The Yamaha CL5 is… Read More »

Benefits of Bose PM8500 Amplifier

Bose PM8500 Amplifier Bose has always been a king of manufacturing sound producing products. Among several other manufacturing companies prevailing in the market of sound producing products, Bose has always preserved its place at the front. All its products are equally consistent in performing efficiently and producing finest quality of sound. Bose PM8500 Amplifier is… Read More »

Shure BLX Wireless systems

As you may know Shure no longer is manufacturing the older PG series cost effective wireless systems.  they have released the new BLX Wireless systems. They are a much more robust system, and they are easier to work with.  From their  hand held systems , the BLX24/PG58 which comes with thier PG Transmitter, their BLX24/B58… Read More »

Shure ULXD

Shure ULXD With Shure ULX D, there came a refinement in the existing technology used in digital wireless systems and opened up new gates for the finest quality of sound that emerged from this digital wireless system. Shure Digital wireless provides you the opportunity to experience the versatility of sound with the exemplary audio quality.… Read More »

Yamaha CL5

Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixer The Yamaha CL5 is  growing  popularity amongst churches, touring and production companies.  Its ease of use, features, and sound is what put it at the top.  Not only is the yamaha CL5 built like a tank, but its also gives out that wow factor when being looked  at.  At last the… Read More »