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Professional Powered Speakers

Differences Between Nexo GEO S12 and GEO S8 Speakers

Nexo line array speakers are famous for their quality sound reinforcement, and the GEO S12 and GEO S8 lines are no different. GEO S12 and GEO S8 speakers are as efficient as the come! The elegant, ergonomic cabinets house premium drivers that output clear, coherent audio. Patented technology ensures these loudspeakers give you your money’s… Read More »

QSC Active Powered KW Series Speakers

Active speakers, also known as powered speakers, are great devices to use in audio setups. They don’t require a power amplifier like passive speakers do. These kinds of units work well in both music and speech applications/environments. The KW Series from QSC features active speakers (or powered speakers) that function as mains or monitors. There… Read More »

QSC Active Powered K Series Speakers

Loudspeakers are essential components to any sound system. Active loudspeakers are even better because then your setup doesn’t need a power amplifier. But what do you do when you need portable powered speakers? Something you can take with you and set up quickly? You need to take a look at the K Series from QSC!… Read More »

Top 2 Yamaha Amplifier Series for Sale

Power amplifiers are necessary components in sound systems. The power amps are responsible for driving clear, clean sound through the speakers. In terms of high-end power amplifiers, you get what you pay for. Yamaha has two fantastic, higher end lines of amplifiers: the Yamaha PC1N Series and the Yamaha TXn Series. Yamaha has been building… Read More »

Affordable Yamaha Power Amplifiers

A power amplifier is an essential component in sound systems. It’s what drives sound and clarity through the speakers. Higher-end models offer top-of-the-line quality, but aren’t merciful on wallets. Fortunately, Yamaha has two affordable lines of power amplifiers: the P-S Series and the XP Series. Both lines are well constructed, lightweight, versatile and feature Yamaha-exclusive… Read More »

Bose Ceiling Speakers

Is your house of worship or place of business in need of high-quality ceiling speakers? Then take a look at these Bose loudspeakers. The DS 16F, DS 40F and DS 100F are all powerful and affordable flush-mounts that can be used for music and speech reproduction. They are for indoor use only and are perfect… Read More »

Bose L1 Portable Line Array Systems

PA systems tend to be bulky and heavy. They’re difficult to lug around and take up a large amount of storage space. Don’t you wish there was some kind of alternative? Well there is! Find comfort in the amazing Portable Line Array Systems in the Bose L1 series. The L1 Series is a set of… Read More »

Bose RoomMatch Full-Range Array Speaker Series

A new year brings new products, and Muzeek World has deals on the new Bose RoomMatch Speaker Series! The RoomMatch Series is a line of full-range array modules. These speakers are for indoor use as fixed installations in places like theatres, auditoriums, arenas, performance art venues and houses of worship! Bose patented technology ensures concert-quality… Read More »

Genelec Smart Active Monitoring Systems

Muzeek World is proud to announce that we now carry Genelec Smart Active Monitoring System packages! We carry a variety of packages that include 8320A monitors, 8330A monitors and 7350A subwoofers. Let’s examine the multiple components in these systems. First, a bit about SAM systems. Genelec Smart Active Monitoring systems are some of the most… Read More »