Community High Performance Stage Monitors on SALE!

By | August 31, 2011

High Performance Stage Monitors

Community’s M-Class stage monitors allow musicians, orators and vocalists to perform with confidence. This unique family of versatile and low profile monitor systems serves a vast range of demanding applications such as houses of worship, scholastic and corporate auditoriums, nightclubs, and numerous other venues that require clarity of speech, musicality and high power output. From the subtlety of the spoken word in a house of worship to energetic musical performances, Community M-Class has you covered. All M-Class monitors are available in black or white paint finishes.


The premium, high performance M12 monitor is ideal for any application where low visibility is a key requirement, including televised and corporate events, houses of worship, as well as theater and stage performances. The M12’s high frequency driver is mounted to a molded one-piece asymmetrical horn with a 90-degree pattern at the top and 40 degree at the bottom, allowing full-range monitor output close up or at a distance. This unique pattern delivers even coverage while keeping energy away from stage walls. The M12 is available in low-luster black or white paint finishes, with the HF horn molded into the faceplate to either the right or left of the LF driver for “mirror-image” pairs.


The MX41E is a small and versatile two-way full-range bass reflex floor monitor engineered for live performance. Available in a 90 x 40 (MX41E-94) or 60 x 40 (MX41E-64) degree coverage pattern, the horns are rotatable for narrower horizontal coverage. Designed for professionals, the MX41E features a Ferrofluid–cooled LF driver, solid birch plywood enclosure, 16-gauge perforated steel grille, heavy-duty steel handles, steel input panel with a Passive/Bi-amp switch, and Neutrik input connectors. The MX41E is voiced for live sound, providing excellent sound projection, exceptional vocal performance, and balanced musical reproduction.

NEW! MX8 and MX10

The ultra low profile MX8 and MX10 feature stylish looks and excellent performance capabilities. Using Community’s proprietary coaxial drivers and DYNA-TECH™ driver protection system, these compact monitors provide professional performance at affordable prices. Conical waveguides eliminate the transition anomalies that occur in most square and rectangular horns, resulting in exceptionally smooth phase and frequency response curves. Their coaxial design means that all of the sound emanates from the same point source. These innovations reduce feedback, improve intelligibility, and provide uniform coverage exactly where it’s needed.