Comparing Stage Monitoring Systems

By | May 30, 2014





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Aviom A16II, 16 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer

The A16 original units were a huge hit for years, then came the A16II which had much more power on the outputs. the A16II are still a fantastic compact mixer.  By setting your system up right you can get the most with the least cables and products on stage.

16-channel stereo mixer with fully adjustable pan per channel
Sixteen Preset locations for storing custom mixes
Channel solo, mute, and group functions
Intuitive interface with no menus or screens to navigate
The A-16II Personal Mixer is a 16-channel stereo digital mixer . Its an older technology but stilla very seeked unit.  they are still the industry standard if your looking for 16 mix channels

Industry Standard in Monitor Mixer

A-16II mixers are known as the industry standard worldwide, and for good reasons: they’re robust, simple to use, and sound great. Just connect an A-16II to an analog input module or digital console card to start a system. It’s that easy.  It has Stereo outputs to use with a stage monitor, headphones or wireless IEMS. Many of the Digital consoles out there offer  an Aviom card that makes it possible to plug yout Avion A16 system directly into the mixer.  Just recently they stopped selling the  A-16II Personal Mixer with a power supply to take the costs down

Aviom A360, 36 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer

Personal Mixer (no external power supply or Cat-5e cable included)

Advanced 36-channel mix engine
Customizable channel selection from a 64-channel network pool
Enhanced Stereo Placement controls for improved sonic clarity
Per-channel volume, tone, reverb, and pan-spread
Three-band master tone control optimized for in-ear monitors
One-Touch Ambience™ control using onboard mic or network audio channels
USB for mixer profiles and mix settings storage
Seamless integration with existing Aviom personal mixing systems
The A360  does cost more , but you get so much for the money.  16 Stero channels( 32 mono), USB able for storing mixes,  compatible with all older Aviom units, si it would fit right in,  more out put options including a mono XLR for your powered speakers, 3 band EQ, room ambiance function…etc..

The Room ambiance function is one of my favorites, it adds  whats out there in your ears, so you feel more alive as if you had a old school stage monitor on the floor.


Pivitec e32 Personal Mixer 32-channel Ethernet AVB “Listener” Endpoint

At First Glance your probably asking where is my controls, where is the mixer, and the answer is right in the palm of your hands. the e32 communicates with and devise like the ipad, iPhone, Itouch…etc   and the softawre that you download on your phone becomes a powerfull mixing device. all this wirelessly on its own network. this means that if your  internet provider ATT, COX..etc  decides to  shut down you are still 1005 good to go, since it uses its own network.

Stereo Line Level Outputs on 1/4” TRS connectors
High Output Headphone Amplifier
Local 3.5mm Line Level Input
Rugged Extruded Aluminum chassis with Black Anodized finish
Wireless control from Pivitec’s V2Mix App for iPhone & iPad
Power from external 48VDC supply or PoE (802.11af)
Made in USA
The e32 has really grown on us, It has an amazing high output, and the best part of it all is that you can keep “everything” at FOH… so no more need to wire anything to the stage or connec any thing at stage. Everythng would exist at FOH safe and sound… all you do is carry your OS device like your iPhone, and if you want a bigger view use a Tablet like the Ipad mini.  We actually do have packages that gives you FRE iPAD Minis with your purchase.


Well as it stands besides the standard uses and functions on the A16II system, the best part is that the A16II is the cheapest if we are just speaking of the mixer it self.  The A360 and the Pivitec e32 would be the leaders in this pack.  Both the Aviom A360, and the Pivitec e32 have high outputs enoight to keep any situation happy, they both have a decent 3 band EQ .  The Aviom A360 does have the XLR mono out puts that can directly connect to a Stage monitor, where the Pivitec unit if on stage would have to use its 1/4″ outs. If you wanted to do the best wireless rout on stage then the Pivitec would be the best rout as its 100% stage wireless.