Hear Yourself Better With DBX PMC16 – 16 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer

By | March 26, 2013

Hear Yourself Better With DBX PMC16 – 16 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer


Muzeek World is excited to have the DBX PMC16, a 16 channel personal monitor controller which allows the YOU, the user to create a custom mix from 16 channels of audio. Designed to be used with the dbx TR1616 or any other BLU link compatible device, the DBX PMC16 allows for monitoring with headphones, in-ear monitors, powered monitors, or traditional wedge monitors.

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Create Your Own Mix With Multiple PMC16s

Multiple DBX PMC16 ‘s can be daisy chained using CAT5e cable allowing each user to receive 16 channels of high-end digital audio to create your own personalized mix to suit your personal monitoring needs. The DBX PMC16 comprises a 16 channel mixer section with full control of levels, panning, effect send levels, muting, and soloing.


The Finishing Touch


With the Onboard Lexicon© reverb, it provides the finishing touch you are looking for. The DBX PMC16 ’s output processing section includes: stereo width control, wedge monitor compensation EQ, high and low master EQ, master level control, and dbx limiting. With a Setup Wizard for ease of configuration, full 16 channel level metering, channel grouping, 16 preset locations for future recall of configurations and mixes, and an intuitive yet powerful user interface, DBX PMC16 will allow you to dial in YOUR mix exactly as YOU want it, in real time.

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