Demeter VTMP-2C Microphone Preamplifier

By | June 28, 2012

The Demeter VTMP-2C Microphone Preamplifier brings out the BEST in your microphone collection with a clarity, warmth & depth you never realized was possible!

The two channel unit is completely tube-based for a distinctively warm, but clean and quiet sound. It is designed to give the recording studio the unsurpassed sound of tube amplification in a package that is convenient to operate and easy to interface with modern consoles and recorders.

Top producers and engineers have come to rely on the VTMP-2C for its incredible resolution of bass, the way vocals produced on it fit so beautifully in the mix, and the almost unlimited other uses it excels in. The VTMP-2C is typically used to bypass the mixing console preamps to provide the shortest possible signal path from microphone to tape. This delivers a tremendous increase in fidelity in applications ranging from professional digital multi-track to project recording studios.

The two-channel VTMP-2C uses classic tube design supported by the finest in modern components: Jensen 110KHPC input transformers, polypropylene capacitors, metal film resistors. The power supply features full regulation of the B+ voltage (250V) and the filament voltage (12.6V) for low noise and quick response. Each independent channel of the preamplifier has a variable gain control (30 to 60dB), phase switch, two position low cut switch, 20dB microphone pad, fader, phantom switch and indicator, LED VU meter with selectable modes (dBu or peak; user can change sensitivity), 3-pin microphone input, 1/4″ instrument input unbalanced low, impedance all tube output, balanced outputs TRS and three pin (Burr Brown DRV 134) and an LED overload indicator.