Event Electronics 2030 three-way studio monitoring system

By | February 8, 2013

Event’s monitoring pedigree needs no introduction. As the speaker family that made studio monitoring accessible to countless artists and engineers with the legendary 20/20, Event has become a staple in studios the world over.

Now the time has come to build upon this heritage, with the new Event 2030. Event’s very first three-way studio monitoring system.

The 2030 is a category defining three-way studio monitoring system that combines three discrete drivers to allow for incredibly accurate reproduction of the entire audio spectrum.

Three discrete drivers

The Event 2030 is a three-way studio monitoring system that provides unmatched performance in its class.

It combines three discrete drivers with precisely engineered acoustic design, signal processing and amplifier technology to provide an incredibly detailed and wide soundstage with a bass response that far exceeds what most would expect from a box this size.

Mid-High assembly

With the new Event 2030, Event’s engineers took the three-way concept to a new level, resulting in a class-defining speaker system with compelling audio performance and a physical embodiment that makes it ideal for use in near field applications.

A new wave guide assembly was designed to house the speaker’s mid-range and high frequency drivers as well as optimise audio dispersion and power response characteristics.

For the critical mid-range application a 3.5-inch cone transducer was engineered using a pressed pulp and polypropylene cone, combined with an optimised magnetic circuit. The driver is loaded onto a shallow wave guide that results in increased sensitivity and output while generating very low distortion artefacts, giving the 2030 speaker system an incredibly defined, upfront vocal character.

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