Event Electronics Studio Monitors

By | August 26, 2013

Event Electronics

Event has up till now created lots of highly acknowledged sound producing devices that are all recognized and are cherished all over the world. The customers using the Event Electronics are of a great view that these are surely something more than imaginations. The perfection and intense standards is what the event electronics is all about. Let us discuss few electronics that are created by the expert team of event engineers.

Event Electronics Opal Studio Monitoring System

The Event Opal system is incomparable and is quite worthwhile to be used as the leading sound producing device in multiple events. The design of event Opal is beyond imaginations and deeply fulfills the satisfaction of the customers. These opal studio monitoring systems are by far the most authentic and hard to create systems that are made available to you. Basically Event opal was ought to be a two way speaker having a size of 8 inches which was to possess the dynamic and extended mid range same as that of the highly unaffordable and expensive three way system. It was meant to have prolonged features with strong base response, where distortion was not at all accepted.

Event Electronics 20/20BAS

Event Electronics 20/20BAS

After many years of research and development finally the engineers by using their intense engineering skills came up with the up to date audio philosophy and thus created the opal studio monitoring system. All the sub products of Event opal are distinct in their own special manner. The woofers, amplifiers, cabinet and tweeter; all possess the unique designs along with the use of inventive and up to date technology components, that are all amalgamated to create the most adorable and authentic plus reliable event studio monitoring systems that are never released before.  

Event Electronics 20/20BAS

These were launched in 1995, and gained a remarkable response from the end users. The Event 20/20 Bas studio monitor brought a new wave of revolution in the existing technical devices. It changed the leading industry standards and gained an eminent place in the hearts of the customers. The audio engineers all over the world showed complete trust and faith on this outstanding invention. The stunning sonic character and satisfactory performance secured the place of Event 20/ bas in the hearts of audio engineers.

Event 20/ 20 BAS is highly known for its purity and transparency of sound that was without any distortion. This two way front ported speaker opened new levels of advancements and was quite strong as far as quality of sound and performing capabilities were concerned. The engineering team of event worked extremely hard and successfully created a monitoring system with high output, phenomenal strengths and tonal character.

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