FSR Inc BMS 1032 Business music systems

By | December 1, 2011

So nowq with the New BMS1032 now you can select between 10 stereo audio sources from an elegant wall plate. Utilizing a single CAT-5 cable, the digital stereo audio and control signals can be transmitted and distributed to up to 32 rooms per system.  The Background Music System works in conjunction with all distributed music systems (AEI, DMX, Muzak), as well as any audio source (i.e.: CD, DVD, etc.). The system is designed for “sky boxes”; luxury suites; small salons; professional offices (doctors, lawyers, commercial suites); cruise ships; and just about any space that wants selection of multiple background music sources

Their user interface  now only provides power to the  speakers but also has headphone outputs as well

This system is great for Hotels, Spas, gyms, schools, and churches


1. A rack or shelf mount chassis, 2 rack units high. This chassis will accommodate the main audio input card and up to eight stacking 4-room output cards.
Up to 32 rooms will be handled in this unit.

2. An audio control plate (2-gang) is provided for each room. The headphone jack allows for private listening (if desired). There are two sets of up/down buttons which control volume and channel selection. Numbers 0 through 9 are in the main system, and

“L” selects the “local” units.
3. The power supply(s) is provided with the system.

1. Cost-effective CAT-5 cable connects your system

to each room.

2. The paging system will function even if no audio source is selected.

3. Sends digital line level stereo audio to all rooms up to 32 rooms per system (can output mono signal also).

4. Two-gang wall plate in each room controls volume, channel selection and page programming.

5. The wall plate outputs stereo line level audio to the contractor supplied powered speakers or local amp and speaker system in each room or can drive two 8 ohm speakers with a RMS of 2.5w per channel.

6. A local audio input (personal CD player or tape player) can also be connected in each room and selected from the wall plate. The wall plate can control volume of the local device and allow paging through the speakers, even when the music is turned off.

7. Each wall plate homeruns directly to the main unit via one CAT 5 cable. If the wall plate is to power speakers then the cable run is up to 500 ft. from the main system. If you use the line level output of the wall plate then you can run the wall plate up to 1000 ft. from the main unit.

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