FSR Wall Plate BMS-1032

By | March 16, 2012

FSR BMS-1032 Wall Plate



FSR Wall Plate

The BMS-1032 wall plate outputs stereo line level audio to the contractor supplied powered speakers or local amp and speaker system in each room or can drive two 8 ohm speakers with a RMS of 2.5w per channel.

A local audio input (personal CD player or tape player) can also be connected in each room and selected from the wall plate. The wall plate can control volume of the local device and allow paging through the speakers, even when the music is turned off.

Each wall plate homeruns directly to the main unit via one CAT 5 cable. If the wall plate is to power speakers then the cable run is up to 500 ft. from the main system. If you use the line level output of the wall plate then you can run the wall plate up to 1000 ft. from the main unit.