JamHub Green Room System

By | June 11, 2013

JamHub GreenRoom Silent Headphones Monitoring Rehersal Studio System

This is a must for anyone, band/ froup that needs to proactice and  noise level is an issue. Control your levels and jam as hard as you want. this is really an amazing system, its brings musicians closer together and at the same time making the mix more controlled. Jam in your kitchen, garage, bedroom, any where and have no complaints on noise levels

Enjoy the GreenRoom Monitoring System rehearsing with others while using headphones and getting a great mix to hear everything and not disturb the neighbors.
The JamHub GreenRoom Silent Rehearsal Studio offers you a 7-section, 21-channel system for intermixing amplified musical instruments and vocals through headphones. With inputs for 7, one SoleMix remote, and a USB audio out for digital recording, the GreenRoom studio silent rehearsal possible anytime and anywhere.1370548533

GreenRoom contains 7 sections for up to 21 audio channels for instruments, mics, and headphones. Each section has stereo TRS and XLR mic input, FX return level, and related headphone volume. JamHubs were created to give musicians the freedom to jam all they want, wherever they want. When you’re jamming with the JamHub GreenRoom, it’s virtually silent to the outside world. Neighbors can’t hear it; parents can’t hear it; cops can’t hear it. But for everyone in the band, the experience rocks.

Each musician controls an individual mix. Just pick a color section and plug in your instruments, mics, and headphones. You’ll hear yourself with amazing new clarity—no more volume wars. Let GreenRoom help you improve your playing faster.

  1. 21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians
  2. 7 XLR and 7 TRS input jacks
  3. SoleMix controls for each section so everyone creates their own mix
  4. 4 SoleMix remote jacks
  5. 1-R switch for quickly listening to recording mix
  6. R section for connecting to MP3 or recording
  7. Built-in 24-bit stereo effects including reverb, delay and modulation
  8. Stage control gives each player virtual stage location in rehearsal studio
  9. Phantom power (+48V)

check out the video here Jamhub