Lab Gruppen LM44 Digital Audio Speaker Processor

By | February 15, 2013

The Lab Gruppen LM 44 is a powerful, full-featured digital audio processor based
on the highly acclaimed Lake Processing technology. As its name
suggests, LM 44 features 4-in / 4-out analog configuration, while also
accommodating 8-in/8-out AES3 and 4-in/8-out Dante digital audio
transport. The LM 44 benefits from the latest implementation of Lake’s
iconic ‘Mesa EQ’ configuration, utilising 4 Mesa modules, each with
an independent input mixer and output signal processing chain.
With this configuration, the LM 44 is ideally suited for a wider range of
applications, including as a mix-matrix and full system EQ when sitting
between a mixer and virtually any high-end performance loudspeaker
system. Other possible assignments include switching between consoles
on large events, inserted EQ for monitor systems, FOH-to-stage
digital transmission, line driver for self-powered systems, and as a
Dante break-in/break-out box.
With its flexible 4 Å~ 4 input configuration, one or more LM 44 units can
replace the now-discontinued Dolby Lake Processor in most applications.
It also offers a cost-effective, scalable alternative to other larger and
more expensive processors in situations when only a 4 Å~ 4 analog
I/O configuration is required, or when multiple 4 x 4 configurations
are needed.
Additionally, LM 44 can be operated in Contour mode configuration
(two Contour modules) allowing for utilization as a loudspeaker
crossover processor, much like the intended operation of LM 26.
Inputs that are not routed to the processing modules (in each mode)
may be passed through to the output router. As with the LM 26,
all three signal types – Dante, AES and analog – are maintained
simultaneously, with user-prioritised automatic failover and extra
redundancy, eliminating single point of failure.

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