Mackie M2000 High-Efficiency Power Amplifier (2000W)

By | July 24, 2012

Mackie M2000 from Mackie is a high-efficiency power amplifier designed to provide long-term reliability in real-world situations. It offers two XLR/1/4″ combo input jacks and a screw terminal block for input signals and two pairs of binding posts and three Speakon connectors for signal outputs, allowing you to connect the M2000 to just about any sound system. It offers a true 2 ohm power drive capability, allowing it to sustain real-world 2 ohm loads.

The Mackie M2000 High-Efficiency Power Amplifier uses Class-H circuitry to deliver cleaner power with less heat than other amplifiers, letting it run at cooler temperatures, thus increasing reliability. Fast Recovery circuitry reduces distortion from clipping and Adaptive Slewing Technology gives a fast transient response with low distortion. Signals can be output in stereo, mono, and bridge modes to meet any situation. Protection circuitry prevents damage from overheating, overloads, and brownouts.

High-Efficiency Class-H Circuitry
Class-H circuitry allows the M2000 to provide clean power with less heat than other amplifiers, increasing reliability.
Fast Recovery Circuitry
The Fast Recovery circuitry reduces distortion from clipping.
Adaptive Slewing Technology
Adaptive Slewing technology contributes to lower distortion by recovering quickly from fast transient attacks such as kick and snare drum hits.
Several Output Components
The Mackie M2000 uses approximately 50% more output components than competing amplifiers offering the same power output levels. This puts less strain on individual components, resulting in greater long-term reliability.
Internal and External Protection
The M2000 offers protection circuitry for overheating, brownouts, and fusing. Externally, the solid construction handles bumps, drops, and other abuse with ease.