Neumann Products at Muzeek World

By | August 14, 2014

big_1400991178In need or looking for Neumann Products? Here at Muzeek World we carry Neumann Products from Microphones, Microphone Accessories, Active Studio Monitors, Live Condenser Mics, Microphone adapters, & Broadcasting Mics.




One of are customers Favorite products from Neumman is the M149 Tube Microphone  it has a 5 star rating. The M 149 Tube Microphone is a variable dual diaphragm microphone. The K 49 capsule – well-known from the legendary U 47 and M 49 microphones – is followed by a tube functioning as an impedance converter. In contrast to earlier concepts – utilizing a transformer – the tube is complemented with a transformerless output circuit design. The M 149 Tube can thus feed long microphone cables without any coloration.

big_1401276871Two slide switches are located below the large, acoustically very open headgrille. The switch at the front allows selection one of nine directional patterns. The slide switch at the rear operates a seven-step high pass filter. It allows a very fine adjustment of the cut-off frequency.



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