Nexo New GEO M12 Series Light Weight Line Array System

By | February 11, 2019
Nexo GEO M12 series

Nexo GEO M1220 GEO M1210

The GEO M12 series is now part of the GEOM series which included the GEO M6, and the GEO M10 series. the GEO M12 series now has a dedicate SUB, the MSUB18. The GEO M12 series is said to be produced for the Church, and mid-large sized rental and production houses. There are 2 different versions of the 1220 and 1210. the Tour version is simply the GEO M1220, and GEO M1210. The Tour Version which is a few hundred more per box comes with the “AUTO RIG” system automatically connects the front rigging system when speakers are assembled, and the back has a easy guided rigging system for extremely easy angle adjustments. It has 11 angles between cabinets. Its safe to say that they made the touring rig system for fast tear-up and tear-down. The GEO M1220i , and the GEO M1210i install versions uses safety nuts and connectivity is made through cable gland and captive 4 core cables.

Nexo GEO M12 Series Touring Bumper
Nexo GEO M12 Series Touring Bumper

For Churches and Large theaters and Venues the GEO MSUB18 with the GEO M12 combo is an extremely high-power system. The high efficiency of the MSUB18 enables subs to be flown together with the main cabinets, delivering perfect sub coverage with less or no room taken on stage. The example shown here weighs less than 400 kg making it suitable for any 500 kg single rigging point. The bottom boxes of the line would typically be the higher vertical dispersion model (20°, GEOM1220) equipped with the horizontal flanges option to offer 120° horizontal coverage. This entire line uses only 3 channels of NXAMP4x4 – the remaining channel can be used for ground subs, side fills or near fill, using the custom setups capability of the processor.

A rigging point is not always available, but using the same hardware as the previous configuration, a very loud stack composed of 2 x MSUB18 + 3 GEO M12 can be built in a few minutes. A single NXAMP4x4 can feed a stereo system like the one depicted above. The first GEO M12 stacked on the subs can have a negative angle to shoot at the first row of the audience even if the system is staked on a stage. And NS-1 Software can be used to predict the coverage and best angle between boxes, even for stack applications.

You Can also Ground stack a system, and WOW the room with power and sound. Here is what it would look like to have 3 x GEO M12’s and 2 x MSUB18

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