Pivitec In Ear Wireless Monitoring

By | August 3, 2013


Pivitec e32 Personal Mixer

So have you ever wanted to mix your own stage monitor mix with your iPad, or iPhone?  Well its here! Pivitec has released an amazing solution for churches and live sound to five access to each band member their own personal mix.  Its similar to the Aviom system except that your not using a Aviom mixer, the mixer is your own device.  Although the Pivitec e32 is called a mixer, its actually more like a balun that transmits your iPhone/iPad signal to the head Pivitec transmitter either the s16i/o MY Yamaha card, or the Pivitec e16i input module.





A little about the e32 Mixer:

The Pivitec e32 Personal Mixer is a 32-channel Ethernet AVB “Listener” Endpoint. Use the Pivitec e32 to build a stereo mix from up to 32 channels of network audio sources and then control them wirelessly from iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad® using Pivitec’s V2Mix App for iOS.
The e32 features a High Output Headphone Amp loud enough to work in loud stage environments as well as stereo line outputs for driving other devices such as wireless IEM’s, power amps or powered speakers. Both are driven by a 24bit / 48K Digital to Analog Converter. The built in DSP provides 3 bands of EQ on each audio channel as well as a stereo 3 Band EQ and Limiter on the Master Outputs. The e32 also includes a “local” stereo line level input perfect for connecting an MP3 player or click track for local listening.

  • Stereo Line Level Outputs on 1/4” TRS connectors
  • High Output Headphone Amplifier
  • Local 3.5mm Line Level Input
  • Rugged Extruded Aluminum chassis with Black Anodized finish
  • Wireless control from Pivitec’s V2Mix App for iPhone & iPad
  • Power from external 48VDC supply or PoE (802.11af)
  • Made in USA

As an integral component in the Pivitec Audio Networking product family, the e32 is the perfect complement for the e16i Input Module. Use multiple e16i’s and e32’s to build the ultimate Personal Monitor Mixing System. Rack mount up to 4 e32’s in a single 1U rack or use the mic stand adapter for local mounting.

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