QSC Active Powered K Series Speakers

By | February 18, 2015

Loudspeakers are essential components to any sound system. Active loudspeakers are even better because then your setup doesn’t need a power amplifier. But what do you do when you need portable powered speakers? Something you can take with you and set up quickly? You need to take a look at the K Series from QSC! These are the portable loudspeakers you’ve been looking for!

QSC K8 Portable Active Loudspeaker angle speaker

There are four models in the K Series: the QSC K8, the QSC K10, the QSC K12 and the QSC KSub. The number following the “K” refers to the size of the woofer. So the QSC K8 powered speaker has an 8-inch woofer, while the QSC K12 active loudspeaker has a 12-inch woofer. As you can see, the QSC KSub active subwoofer doesn’t have a number! But it still has a woofer; two 12-inch drivers to be precise. The other three models in the K Series all feature 1.75-inch compression drivers.

QSC KSub Active Subwoofer Portable Sub front face

The active speakers in the QSC K Series maintain a beautiful design while at the same time are durable enough to protect the interior components. The sleek 18 gauge steel grille is tough enough to protect the speakers against the wear and tear of touring and use. The ergonomic cast aluminum handles make carrying and transporting the loudspeakers a breeze! The QSC KSub actually has wheel attachments so that you don’t have to lug it around! All four models have a standard 35mm pole mounting sockets and suspension points for creative mounting options. Tilt-Direct functionality lets you tilt the direction of the speakers for further customization. The KSub subwoofer also has a threaded pole so that the other portable speakers can be mounted on top of said sub. A single LED light sits on the front panel of every model. The LED lights up when the speaker is powered on, but has the option to be completely turned off.

QSC K10 Portable Active Loudspeaker front face no grille without grill

But enough about looks and design! Let’s move on to the interior components. Each of the four QSC active loudspeakers features a powerful 1000 Watt amplifier! Combine that with the 1.75-inch compression drivers and the respective woofers and you have some supreme sound! Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology helps to accentuate sound quality.

One of the great things about QSC loudspeakers in the K Series is that they can function as standalone PA systems! On top of that, there’s no need for an external mixer thanks to two gain control knobs. You can plug a microphone into one of the two XLR combination inputs, leaving the second XLR combo input free for an additional sound source. There’s also an RCA stereo input that can be used with music playback devices like MP3 players. A dedicated XLR output can send the mixed signal into another K Series speaker for further audio broadcasting.

QSC K12 Portable Active Loudspeaker rear back speaker

As you can see, these portable active loudspeakers are powerful! For more information on any of these QSC K Series speakers, send us an email at sales@muzeekworld.com!