Roland Stage Pianos for Your Church

By | April 21, 2015

A church musical service requires capable instruments to convey a sermon’s message. And while churches have adopted guitars and brass instruments, nothing drives a musical service like a solid stage piano. But with innumerous models on the market, how can you tell the good from the bad? Lucky for you, Muzeek World waded through the crowd and picked out nothing but the best. We now have Roland stage pianos for your church! These RD-series keyboards are perfect for onstage performances. Advanced technology paired with classic Roland reliability gives you the perfect stage piano for your church!

This new lineup of stage pianos is comprised of three models: the Roland RD-300NX, the Roland RD-64 and the Roland RD-800. This trio of instruments shares similar technology in regards to the sound engines and keyboards, but vary in slight ways. Let’s take a look!

Roland RD-300NX RD 300NX RD300NX stage piano digital keyboard electric SuperNATURAL Piano engine face top control surface keys

The main similarity between the trio can be found in the sound engine. These Roland stage pianos feature the  acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine. This technology does several things. For one, it improves essential elements like key-range behavior, velocity response and note decay. This provides you with smooth, responsive sound. SuperNATURAL technology is also responsible for the acoustic piano sounds that the RD-300NX, the RD-64 and the RD-800 can produce. You’re given authentic acoustic piano sounds! SuperNATURAL technology also emulates classic electronic pianos from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Other available sounds include organs, vintage keyboards and synthesizers. However, every model has specified sound libraries and instrument emulations. The RD-800 gives you the largest library with over 1100 additional sounds, not counting the selection of acoustic pianos.

Roland RD-64 RD 64 RD64 stage piano digital keyboard electric SuperNATURAL Piano engine face top control surface keys

The premium quality of these Roland stage pianos extends to the keyboards. The RD-300NX and RD-64 feature Ivory Feel-G keyboards that utilize advanced sensor, escapement mechanism and Ivory Feel features. The keyboards are sensitive and responsive. The keys are made of a material that emulates the authentic texture and moisture-absorbing properties of real ebony and ivory! The RD-800 takes this a step further with its advanced PHA-4 Concert Keyboard. The PHA-4 is similar to the Ivory Feel-G in that it features moisture-absorbing properties that have the natural texture and tactile sensation of real ebony and ivory keys. What sets the PHA-4 apart is its utilization of the latest touch-detection technology. High-resolution sensing and quick response accurately show subtle differences in tone depending on the dynamics and play style.

Roland RD-800 RD 800 RD800 stage piano digital keyboard electric SuperNATURAL Piano engine face top front control surface keys

Beyond the SuperNATURAL Piano engine and the high quality keyboards, these Roland stage pianos vary in features. While the RD-64 and the RD-800 give you the option to use the keyboards as master MIDI controllers, the RD-300NX doesn’t. The RD-64 is the most lightweight and travel-ready out of the three stage pianos. The RD-300NX and RD-800 have LCD displays, while the RD-64 doesn’t. Other variations between the RD-series models include dedicated controls, number of keys, number of onboard tones and number of onboard effects and parameters.

Think of these variations as opportunities, not as hindrances. If you work with a portable church, the compact RD-64 is the way to go. If your service requires multiple instruments (pianos, organs, clavs), but only has the space for a single stage piano, then the RD-800 is perfect for your setup. If your needs fall somewhere between those two, then the RD-300NX is the middle road you’ve been searching for!

If you’d like to learn more about these three Roland stage pianos and how you can get one in your church, send us an email at!