Shure BLX Wireless systems

By | October 14, 2013

As you may know Shure no longer is manufacturing the older PG series cost effective wireless systems.  they have released the new BLX Wireless systems. They are a much more robust system, and they are easier to work with.  From their  hand held systems , the BLX24/PG58 which comes with thier PG Transmitter, their BLX24/B58 which comes with the better sounding mic

, the Beta58 to their wireless bodypack systems the BLX14 , where all you would need is to add a Countryman, Point source, or DPA  head set.  All the systems provide a one touch quick scan Frequency selection button, which makes the set up of these units quick and easy.  The BLX series does have dual systems where they ship with a dual receiver and two body packs or 2 x handhelds, like the BLX188/PG85