State-of-the-Art Digital Technology in Yamaha CL5

By | May 9, 2013

The arrival of Yamaha CL5 became the reason of bringing a sizzle in the market of sound producing devices. The customers hurried to the market to make this outstanding sound quality a part of their special occasions and events. The Yamaha CL5 Digital console is outfitted by the latest technologies ever used in any sound system. And this is only because of the premium quality produced by this sound system that the customers are attracted towards this console. Yamaha CL5 has been so far highly successful in grabbing the attention of the valued customers. Those who have used Yamaha CL5 Digital Console are highly benefited by the extremely matchless sound quality.


Talking briefly about the technologies used in the Yamaha CL5, it is basically a digital console equipped with three-section fader arrangement for the well organized and concrete controls without any doubt the Yamaha CL5 is the first preference for a miscellaneous spectrum of live sound system. For your convenience, here is the brief but informative look at the remarkable features of Yamaha CL5.

–      It possess 72 mono and 8 stereo input channels

–      Letting you know about the fader configuration, it consists of a Centrologic section of 8 faders, a right section of 8 fader, a left section of 16 faders and a master section of 2 faders

–      For supporting the I pads it has an Aluminum stay

–      Adding up a meter bridge which is built in this sound system.


Taking Control Digitally

After setting up the preliminary analog gain stage, the applied reimbursement is conceded out exclusively in the digital domain. This gaining of control digitally is the feature of the Yamaha CL5 which gives its users the benefit of experiencing an extremely surprising, smooth, phenomenal functioning and amalgamating the whole system.


Scalable and Multipurpose Network Competency

Another reason of the Yamaha CL5’s higher standards is the network capabilities which it holds. It is quite obvious that in the today’s quick paced world of the Digital Live Sound the network potentials are speedily becoming elementary and obligatory. The detached console and the I/O rack parts communicating through the audio protocol which is the Dante™ network. The outcome of this feature sets aside the fast, proficient design and the exploitation of capable systems from the most pioneer to the flamboyantly complex ones.


Graphic Equilibrium Rack with 32 Channels

A graphic equilibrium rack is another remarkable yet beneficial feature of the Yamaha CL5. The motive of this rack is to allow the insertion of Graphic Equilibrium into the busses which are output and are needed for room stabilization and to provide other functionalities. For an immense equalization capacity you are benefited by the 32 channels in the Yamaha CL5 Digital console’s equilibrium rack.

In addition of the Equilibrium rack, the Yamaha CL5 Digital console consists of a premium rack and an effect rack, both having separate functionalities. All these racks play a vital role in giving you the top notch sound quality. It is due to the functions of the console which goes on internally, that aids the console to deliver you unprecedented and exceptional quality of sound in any location.