Taylor Guitars in Corona CA – Riverside County

By | July 6, 2017

Music stores are becoming scarce in the Inland Empire and Riverside County. Muzeek World opened its first retail location in Corona, California and strives to ensure quality customer service. Our large selection of instruments is highlighted by the world renounced Taylor Guitars.

Taylor Guitars are truly quality guitars, such as the name and slogan suggest. With over 40 years of production, they have grown into one of the leading names in acoustic guitars. The handling and sound quality of these guitars can be compared to none. For all of you local guitar aficionados in Corona, Riverside, Temecula, or any cities nearby, Taylor Guitars are now just a short drive away.

Muzeek World has a large selection of Taylor Guitars, including the GS Mini, 214ce, 520e, 714ce, and the Academy Series. As Taylor Guitar authorized dealers, we are able to provide the best prices for your dream guitar, even offering price matching for our online competitors.

Major music stores are always noisy and have lots of noise pollution, which hinders the experience of playing an acoustic guitar. We have an area called the Zen Room, which holds all our Taylor Guitars. The Zen Room is a quiet area, blocking most outside noise, which allows our customer to experience playing these guitars in a quiet and comfortable experience.

We are one of the only stores to have a Taylor Guitar selection for you to choose from here in the Inland Empire, and our guarantee to have you satisfied with your Muzeek World experience comes hand in hand with our selection. Such a quality and incredible guitar manufacturer can only be handled with quality and incredible customer service, which we provide here at Muzeek World. We work with manufacturers directly to get you only the best, because we want only the best for you, our customers. Many times, online stores and online marketing wins over in store selections, but here at Muzeek World we strive to assure that the human connection and personal feel of working with people will not be lost at our store in Corona, as we will work to get you the best prices and deals in store to leave you feeling great with your purchase, and wanting to come back for any and all your guitar needs.