Telefunken M80 Dynamic Mic

By | December 10, 2014

Looking for a microphone that’ll dazzle your audience? The Telefunken M80 Dynamic microphone gives you high quality sound at low cost, giving you the freedom to send up your singing rockets in the sky like it’s the fourth of July!

The M80 Dynamic microphone (which we carry in Standard and Black colors) was created as an alternative to the usual industry standard microphones that tend to suffer from an oversaturated mid-range. It’s a great handheld device that can be used on stage and in the studio. It has high SPL capabilities beyond what standard industry microphones have to offer. The wide frequency response, 30Hz – 18kHz, gives you a sound as open as a green pasture. There’s no mid-range or low-end build up on this hot firecracker! And because the M80 isn’t an oversaturated mid-range mic, it can function as more than a vocal tool. It can be placed in front of an amp, over a drum kit or above other instruments to capture clean, crisp audio.

The design of the Telefunken M80 is unique, right down to the design of the packaging that’s made to look like a tube of fireworks. The mic itself has a low mass capsule and a surprisingly thin capsule membrane. The head grill and capsule assembly design give you a tight super-cardioid polar pattern, which helps to reduce the proximity effect. This means you’ll enjoy fantastic feedback rejection! The handle of the M80 is soft to the touch, despite the rugged exterior. A microphone clip and leather carrying case are included in the package, making transport and setup a breeze.


M80 complete package


Which brings us to the next point: travel. Vocalists and musicians who are always on the move often lack the luxury of plugging their mic into the same device night after night. Different microphone preamplifiers operate at different impedance levels, which affects the sound of your microphone. But thanks to an American-made custom wound impedance matching transformer, the M80 gives the user consistent sound regardless of what the microphone is plugged into!


Telefunken M80 Customs

All in all, the Telefunken M80 Dynamic microphone shoots past all industry standard microphones and sets new heights for expectations.