The Latest & Greatest Pivitec e32 Personal Monitoring Mixer

By | July 21, 2014



The Latest & Greatest Pivitec e32 Personal Monitor Mixer is a 32-channel Personal Monitor Mixer with a high output headphone amp and wireless control from iPad or iPhone using Pivitec’s V2Mix Pro application for iOS. If excessive stage volume is a common problem in modern Houses of Worship and similar venues. Replacing your wedges with a Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing System can create a more comfortable environment for your audience or congregation as well as for your musicians and tech staff.

The Pivitec has a flexible design of the e32 supports rack mounting and includes stereo line outputs for easy integration with wireless In-Ear monitor systems. Add more e32 Personal Mixers to support any size band or network requirement. The e32 can also be used in commercial applications requiring distributed audio and control. Its stereo line outs easily interface with power amps or powered speakers and its PoE powered 1⁄4 Rack space form factor means it can fit just about anywhere!


  • Stereo Line Level Outputs on 1/4” TRS connectors
  • High Output Headphone Amplifier
  • Local 3.5mm Line Level Input
  • Rugged Extruded Aluminium chassis with Black Anodized finish
  • Wireless control from Pivitec’s V2Mix App for iPhone & iPad
  • Power from external 48VDC supply or PoE (802.11af)
  • Made in USA


Pivitec redefines the Personal Monitor Mixing System by offering components that combine Visual and Intuitive control with Powerful and Flexible features. Pivitec has an ideal solution for any application from Touring and Live Production to fixed installation in theaters and Houses of Worship.


See your whole mix at a glance with Pivitec’s V2Mix® Pro application for iOS. Little changes can make a big difference and our visual interface takes the guess work out of dialing in the perfect mix every time with a clear, intuitive layout that offers precise control and with channel and device names that are handled digitally and updated hassle-free over the network, you’ll no longer need your markers and board tape!

  • See Your Mix
  • Clear, Intuitive Layout and Control
  • Digital Channel Names – no sharpies or tape neede


Pivitec is the most powerful  advanced personal monitor system available. With a powerful feature set that includes Ethernet AVB network connectivity, Pivitec is a true networked audio solution that supports just about any audio interface or console and offers advanced control from a range of native iOS and desktop apps. Easily interface your Pivitec network with AVB compatible Mac or PC computers for recording, playback and virtual sound check. Pivitec’s standards based Ethernet AVB networking solutions offer a future-proof way to take advantage of future compatibility with hardware and software from other manufacturers.

  • Advanced Ethernet AVB connectivity
  • Wired and Wireless remote control options
  • True network solution for control, recording & playback


The Pivitec e32 is the most flexible Personal Monitor Mixing Systems. The flexible configuration of Pivitec’s e32 Personal Mixer means that it can either be used on stage with the musicians or rack mounted for use with wireless IEM’s or amplifiers. A high output / low noise headphone amp provides clean, clear sound on even the loudest stages while balanced line outputs easily connect to wireless IEM transmitters or power amps for facility wide distributed audio systems. Wireless control from Pivitec’sV2MIX application for iPad or iPhone allows remote operation from anywhere in the venue, on or off stage.

  • Rack mount interface
  • Headphone and Line Level Outputs
  • Ideal for distributed audio systems

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