Top 2 Yamaha Amplifier Series for Sale

By | January 22, 2015

Power amplifiers are necessary components in sound systems. The power amps are responsible for driving clear, clean sound through the speakers. In terms of high-end power amplifiers, you get what you pay for. Yamaha has two fantastic, higher end lines of amplifiers: the Yamaha PC1N Series and the Yamaha TXn Series. Yamaha has been building hardware for over 30 years and these amplifiers prove their commitment to offering top quality products. While both of these amp series features high quality features, functions and components, there are some notable differences between the two. Let’s take a look at each series separately.

Yamaha TX6n Power Amplifier Amp Rackmount Rack Mount

The Yamaha TXn power amps features three models: the Yamaha TX6n (3000W + 3000W at four ohms), the Yamaha TX5n (2500W + 2500W at 2 ohms) and the Yamaha TX4n (2200W +2200W at 2 ohms). These amplifiers are more than just a combination of amp and speaker processor. They are multi-functional units that can drive various speaker systems. Each model in the series comes with a Yamaha mini-YGDAI standard card slot fitted with an AES/EBU I/O card for digital input and throughput. This card can be replaced with any other mini-YGDAI card for various digital and analog I/O formats. Network cards can also be installed to offer full compatibility with CobraNet or Ethersound. Balanced analog inputs (which are permanently installed) are located on the rear panel. Analog and digital inputs can be used independently.

Yamaha TXn Power Amplifier Amp TX6n TX4n TX5n Rackmount Rack Mount

The TX6n, TX5n and TX4n all come with an onboard 24-bit ADDA 96kHZ DSP engine. The engine has enough power to provide extensive speaker processing capabilities. These capabilities make most external processors unnecessary in a majority of situations. All DSP functions and parameters are accessible through the LCD screen/button interface on the front panel of the unit. Remote monitoring and control is possible through Yamaha’s Amp Editor software (through an Ethernet connection between the amp and a computer). One of the greatest features of the TXn series power amps is the failsafe security. The combination of analog and card slot inputs offers signal redundancy. Low latency AES/EBU cards have a “thru” output that’s designed to send signal even in the event of a power failure. Included EEEngine (the first two “E”s stand for Energy Efficient) technology is exclusive to Yamaha power amps.

Yamaha TXn Power Amplifier Amp TX6n TX5n TX4n Rackmount Rack mount

Now, on to the PC1N models!

Yamaha PC9501N Power Amplifier Amp PC1N PC-1N PC 1N Rack Mount Rackmount

The Yamaha PC1N power amps features five models: the Yamaha PC9501N (900W + 900W at 8 ohms), Yamaha PC6501N (650W + 650W at 8 ohms), Yamaha PC4801N (450W + 450W at 8 ohms), Yamaha PC3301N (315W + 315W at 8 ohms) and Yamaha PC2001N (200W + 200W at 8 ohms). The PC1N line is an upgrade to the flagship PC Series. Major innovations in circuitry and internal wiring have been added. Exclusive EEEngine technology and a new switching regulator help the Yamaha PC1N amps maintain efficiency. The component layout and circuit design feature a performance-enhancing symmetrical layout. Circuit boards, that tend to be vulnerable to heat generation, have been placed on the sides of the amplifier with large heat sinks and low noise, variable speed cooling fans.

Yamaha PC1N Power Amplifier PC-1N PC 1N Amp Rack Mount Rackmount

Three drive modes are available on all of these power amps: stereo mode, parallel (dual mono) mode and bridge mode. Stereo mode has the two channels work independently of each other. Parallel (dual mono) mode has a single mono input signal drive both channels (or two independent speaker systems). Bridge mode has both channels work together for professional power. XLR and Euroblock terminal inputs are available. Every model comes with a built in high pass filter that can cut frequencies below 20Hz. Five way binding post/Speakon outputs ensure all speaker connections are solid and reliable. Remote monitoring and control is available through Yamaha’s Amp Editor software. Crisp and clear indicators allow for accurate level monitoring, even in dimly lit application settings.

Yamaha PC1N PC-1N PC 1N Power Amplifier Amp Rack Mount Rackmount

Both the Yamaha PC1N and the Yamaha TXn amplifiers offer great units. Choosing which one is right for you comes down to the details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at!