Yamaha Surface Mount Speakers

By | August 26, 2016

Yamaha designed the new VXS Series Surface Mount Speakers in response to the ever-expanding list of applications within the installation market. In addition to delivering Yamaha’s legendary sound quality, the VXS Series Surface Mount Speakers have been meticulously designed and engineered for safe and easy installation. The VXS Series F Compact Surface Mount Speakers offer the benefits of the VXS Series in a compact and smaller size. The VXS Series F Compact Surface Mount Speakers naturally blend into any sort of professional environment, and are available in both low and high-impedance models. The VXS Series S Surface Mount Subwoofers provide the perfect compliment to both the VXS and VXC Series speakers. The VXS Series S Surface Mount Subwoofers naturally enhance the lower frequencies while providing high-fidelity music reproduction.

VXS Series

VXS Series

In addition to the VXS Series Surface Mount Speakers, the VS Series Surface Mount Speakers are available for those in need of high-quality surface mount speakers in different sizes than the VXS Series. Unlike the VXS Series, the VS Series Surface Mount Speakers do not feature full-range capabilities. The VXC, VXS, and VS speaker series feature an extensive range of models that are available in either black or white, or can be painted to compliment the interior of any commercial environment.

VXS Series Surface Mount Speakers (VXS5, VXS8)

The VXS Series consists of two models, the VXS5, and the VXS8. These models are great for a wide range of applications, and help create an appealing acoustic space and atmosphere. The VXS Series speakers are full-range, indoor/outdoor surface mount speakers.


VXS Series Features:

  • All models can be used for either Lo-Z or Hi-Z connections
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Full-range speakers
  • Include pan/tilt mount
  • Black and white models available
  • Paintable enclosures and grille
  • EN54-24 certified versions available (in some regions)
  • Flexible mounting for easier configuration


VXS Series F Compact Surface Mount Speakers (VXS3F, VXS3FT)

Surface mount speakers can play an integral role in both the visual and auditory atmosphere you choose to create in your commercial space. The sleek curves and attractive, minimalist design of Yamaha’s VXS3F and VXS3FT speakers make them easily adaptable to any commercial environment seeking a unique, subtle complement to the overall aesthetic. And their performance is just as impressive; featuring a speaker unit optimally tuned for high-resolution music playback, and a flexible, intuitive design, these speakers offer everyone involved in the installation process—from installers and owners to end users— a simple, streamlined solution to easily integrate high-quality audio into an impressive variety of restaurant, retail, or professional environments.


VXS Series F Features:

  • Designed optimized for Lo-Z and Hi-Z connections
  • Black and white models available
  • Indoor/ Outdoor, full-range
  • Paintable enclosures and grille
  • Attractive, Discreet Design for Elegant Spaces


VXS Series S Surface Mount Subwoofers (VXS10S, VXS10ST)

VXS series “S models” are subwoofers that ideally complement the expressive natural sound of VXS and VXC series speakers. Not only do they naturally extend the low frequencies, but they also deliver exceptionally smooth, high-quality reproduction that brings musical instruments and voices to life. VXS Series S models include the VXS10S, and VXS10ST.


VXS Series S Overview:

  • Smooth, rich bass
  • Satellite connection for well-balanced sound
  • Flexible installation
  • Designed optimized for Lo-Z and Hi-Z connections
  • Ideal response can be achieved with a satellite connection (recommended for use with the VXS5/3F, VXC4/6/3F)
  • Black and white models available

VS Series Surface Mount Speakers (VS6, VS4)

A superb blend of aesthetic simplicity and functional sophistication, the VS Series delivers high quality sounds in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, particularly locations where interior design is a consideration. The VS Series includes the VS6, and the VS4. The VS Series are high-quality, non full-range speakers. Let the VS Series be the perfect complement to your sonic needs.


VS Series Overview:

  • Compact surface mount speakers with superior sound quality and sleek, functional design.
  • Series comprises two models: the VS6 (6.5″ woofer) and VS4 (4″ woofer) – both models feature a 1″ balanced dome tweeter and are available in Black or White.
  • Waterproof construction meeting the IEC60529 IPX3 rating requirements for outdoor usage.
  • Internally mounted transformers allowing operation in 70V or 100V distributed sound systems.
  • Dedicated, color-matched steel U-bracket enclosed for horizontal or vertical installation.
  • Paintable enclosure and grill to match any decor
  • Overload protection circuit provided to protect speaker components.