Yamaha Cl5 / Free RIO3224

By | October 18, 2013

Hi folks, many of you might know that we are having a HUGE Yamaha CL5 and CL3 Digital Mixer Sale!.  What you will get when you purchase either mixer is a FREE Yamaha RIO3224! This is a $8000.00 Value box for Free.  The RIO3224 is a 32 in and 24 output remote stage box that utilizes the Dante Network to send signals to and from the stage.  With the RIO3224 and the on board 8 ins you will get 40 inputs total. If you needed more inputs then you would have to add either another RIO3224, or the RIO1608 which is a 16 in and 8 output remote stage box. If you added the RIO1608 this will give you a total of 56 inputs with8 of them at the Front of House. If you added a second RIO3224 instead this will give you the full 72 channels.  There has never been nor will this sale ever come back. Yamaha might discount the mixers a little at some time but never give a FREE $8000.00 value box  just for the heck of it.  This gets you a great resale value right from the beginning.  CALL 877-477-6432 or email sales@muzeekworld.com for your quote todayCL






If you wanted to get a special price on ant of the packages below

Package 1 :  1 x CL5, 1 x RIO3224

Package 2 :  1 x CL3, 1 x RIO3224

Package 3 : 1 x CL5, 2 x RIO3224

Package 4 : 1 x CL5 1 x RIO3224, 1 x RIO1608

Package 5 : 1 x CL3 1 x RIO3224, 1 x RIO1608

Ask us about the FREE Aviom or Pivitec In Ear Packages as well

The Feel and Look of the CL series is wonderful, and the functions are amazing. This is one of the best mixers for the money that we have ever carried and sold. We have placed them in several Church installs replacing Digico, other older Yamahas, and Other Digital Mixers and they love it.. It comes packed with all of yamahas Processing and EFX already built in the system. You could add a Waves card for more plug ins and a Lake card for more speaker processing

CALL 877-477-6432 or email sales@muzeekworld.com for your quote today