Yamaha Nuage Pricing

By | March 11, 2015

A post-production system is truly professional when all of the individual components work together in harmony. The hardware and software need to function hand in hand, as well as allow for user configuration. The hardware needs to offer a smooth workflow, something that’s flexible and productive. Thankfully, there’s the Yamaha Nuage Integrated Audio Production System! Muzeek World now has Yamaha Nuage pricing on all components in the system. You won’t find pricing listed because this system is a special installation item, but you’ll be happy to know that we have special pricing on individual components in the Yamaha Nuage lineup. That gives you the option to mix and match the units as you see fit. If you’re interested in the entire system, we have pricing for that as well. We can help out with custom installation and design consultation. If you need it, we can do it! All at affordable prices!

The Yamaha Nuage system is made up of several separate units: the Yamaha Nuage Master unit, the Yamaha Nuage Fader unit, the Yamaha Nuage Large Workspace and the Yamaha Nuage Small Workspace. There are also three I/O (input/output) audio interfaces: the Yamaha Nuage A16, the Yamaha Nuage D16 and the Yamaha Nuage A8D8. Pricing varies depending on the unit, but we can do a custom package for you if you request one.

Let’s look at an overview of the entire Nuage system. From there, we’ll examine the individual components.

Nuage Integrated Audio Production System Overview

Yamaha Nuage Audio System Lineup

Yamaha’s Nuage platform raises the bar for what post-production audio systems can be! The control and interface hardware integrate with the Steinberg Nuendo digital audio workstation (DAW) software. The system’s user interface provides unparalleled workflow efficiency. Visual feedback and innovative design come together to bring you a system with easy operation. All of your time and effort is spent crafting an end product made to satisfy your audience. Therefore, you should work with something that isn’t going to be a waste of time and effort. When you choose Yamaha Nuage, you’re choosing to say that your time and effort is valuable! So while the workflow is efficient in helping you craft a great end product, the actual end product will sound amazing thanks to advanced processing capabilities. Nuage ensures that the quality of your audio is pure.

The Yamaha Nuage audio workstation features flexible modular architecture. What does this mean for you? It means that you can combine the components you need for your specific application. In addition to that, Nuage offers network audio that makes it easy for you to set up your system to match existing infrastructure and installation requirements. The audio transmission quality benefits from this design because you won’t have to sacrifice substance or quality. Now you have all the flexibility you need!

Nuage Master Unit

Yamaha Nuage Master Unit control surface system digital audio workstation face front panel NCS500-CT

The Nuage Master unit gives you everything you need for fast and efficient editing. The control surface features a layout that gives you what you need where you need it. It’s straightforward and intuitive, allowing you to tackle any project thrown your way. The Master unit gives you direct control over equalization, dynamics, plugin effects and plenty of other parameters. This is done through a touch screen display and eight touch-sensitive, multi-function knobs. A jog wheel provides effortless editing and transport control. The wheel itself is precision machined from solid high-quality stainless steel. It has the weight, inertia and comfort to let you work on your product as long as you want! Great resolution offers unparalleled accuracy when controlling playback, scrubbing, object and range selection, zoom, fades and more!

The editing process is as varied as the engineer in charge of it. Different applications bring on different challenges, meaning that you need an audio system that’s equipped to work the way you need. The Nuage Master unit accomplishes this with a powerful User Assignable Section. You can customize the controls so that they suit your needs. Direct access to functions and parameters required is easy! Functions that you repeat often, such as file imports, can be set up for single button efficiency.

Nuage Fader Unit

Yamaha Nuage Fader Unit control surface system digital audio workstation face front panel NCS500-FD

The Nuage Fader unit works with any standard 24-inch LCD monitor display (not included) to provide a visual extension of the fader channel strips. Extensive Console View technology provides continuity between the control surface and the display. This technology places all controls and parameters in positions where you can reach the fader, button or knob without breaking your concentration. Up to 16 channels can be controlled at once, with two knobs per channel. Alternatively, you can map all knobs to one or two highlighted channels in the Channel Setting Mode. Each knob is color illuminated, with colors matching Nuendo channel type icons. This makes it easy for you to see relationships between the hardware and software.

The Fader unit features a touch slider that works similar to a laptop track pad. Slide your fingers along the Touch Slider strip to change Nuendo channels left or right in relation to the channel strips. Flick gestures quickly shift a larger range of channels. There’s also the “Bank Flick” that lets you flick through channels in groups of eight.


Nuage Large Workspace and Small Workspace

Yamaha Nuage Large Workspace control surface digital audio workstation system angle side NWS500-LG

The Nuage Workspace units work perfectly with both the Nuage Master unit and Fader unit. The Workspace units let you bring in a keyboard, a surround panner and other custom features into the amazing Nuage system. There are two Workspace units available: a large model and a small model. The Nuage Large Workspace model is the same size as the Nuage Fader unit, while the Nuage Small Workspace model matches the width of a standard 24-inch monitor display.

Yamaha Nuage Small Workspace control surface system digital audio workstation angle side NWS500-SM

Nuage I/O Audio Interfaces

Yamaha Nuage I/O Audio Interface devices units IO

Yamaha designed the Nuage I/O audio interface units with meticulous attention to detail. That level of commitment makes a difference in the final sound thanks to high quality parts selection and advanced circuit layout. These devices bring out the full potential of the Steinberg Nuendo DAW software. The Nuage I/O audio interface units feature advanced digital signal processing (DSP) for stereo and surround monitoring. They use the Dante network protocol for flexible system design and expansion.

There are three I/O audio interface units in the Nuage lineup. The Nuage A16 features 16 analog line-level inputs and 16 analog line outputs on four DB25 connectors. The Nuage D16 has 16 AES-3 inputs with Sample Rate Conversion and 16 AES-3 outputs on two DB25 connectors. The Nuage A8D8 is a combination of the A16 and the D16. It has eight analog line inputs and eight analog line outputs, as well as eight AES-3 inputs with Sample Rate Conversion and eight AES-3 outputs on three DB25 connectors. These I/O units can be used individually or together.


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