Yamaha Powered Mixers

By | January 19, 2015

The EMX Series is a line of all-in-one powered mixers from Yamaha. A powered mixer can be defined as a combination of a mixer and power amplifier. This combination helps keep live sound system equipment to a minimum. There are five models in the EMX Series, all of which can function in both indoor and outdoor live sound applications.

Yamaha powered mixers are held to the highest caliber of design and components. The head amplifier circuit (a critical system component) found in EMX Series mixers contains low-noise chip resistors that help provide accurate, noise free sound reproduction. The grounding and circuitry in these Yamaha mixers was handled with care, ensuring disruption-free audio quality. Each powered mixer has built-in SPX DSP. The effect processors function at 32-bits and feature 16 programs with adjustable parameters. Effects include reverb, distortion and delay. Each Yamaha powered mixer in the EMX Series has a forced-air cooling system to keep temperatures far from dangerous heat levels. The lightweight, yet sturdy designs of the five models have passed over 60 tests from the manufacturer and meet worldwide safety and electronic emission standards.

EMX5016CF Yamaha Powered Mixer

As mentioned before, the EMX Series features five models: the Yamaha EMX5016CF, the Yamaha EMX5014C, the Yamaha EMX512SC, the Yamaha EMX312SC and the Yamaha EMX212S. All of these powered mixers have similar construction and features, but still retain noticeable differences in power and performance. The EMX5016CF offers the most channels, sixteen to be exact. The channels are a mix of mono mic/line and stereo. Nine-band digital graphic equalization includes user memory locations and instant recall presets. This graphic EQ works in correlation with the FRC (Frequency Response Correction) system, which helps optimize room response. Compare that to the EMX5014C, which is an upgrade of the famous EMX5000-12. This plug-and-play powered mixer has 14 channels and six advanced compressor circuits that enable single-knob compression. Both the EMX5016CF and the EMX5014C feature two, 500-watt amplifiers, making these mixers perfect for larger audiences.

EMX512SC Yamaha powered mixer

The other three models are more closely related to each other than the two previously mentioned mixers, both in shape and features. Again however, there are some key differences. The EMX512SC has two, 500-watt amplifiers (once again great for large audiences). The EMX312SC has two, 300-watt amplifiers. The EMX212S has two, 200-watt amplifiers. All three of these powered mixers have 12 channels. The EMX212S lacks single-knob compression capabilities, while the EMX512SC and EMX312SC have highly advanced circuits that make single-knob compression possible.

Yamaha EMX portable powered mixer

Each mixer in the EMX Series has its place in live sound application that’s largely dependent on audience size. If you need help gauging what EMX mixer is right for you, get in touch with us at sales@muzeekworld.com.