Yamaha QL5 and QL1 Mixer

By | March 13, 2014

Yamaha QL5, and QL1

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Yamaha has introduced a new Digital Mixing Series called the QL Series.  It looks like the CL Series baby brother, but in a smaller footprint and with all local  I/O’s. Both the QL5 and the QL1 have the CL series nice and wide touch screen, so if you already own a CL then your right at home. One look at the QL5 or QL1 you will see nothing but screen, touch screen that is The QL series was built to live and co exist with anything Dante, so if you own a product that has Dante then patch it right in the system. The QL mixers were built with the small to medium size venues in mind, such as Churches, live production, corporate, clubs, and schools.  If you take a quick look at the QL mixers you will see it was built with the CL users, and Ls9 users in mind.  They are compact like the LS9-32, and Ls9-16 but they feel and look big. They have the same power as a CL with some limitations.  Yamaha really thought this one through!  Since it uses the same Dante protocol you can use its ins and outs as a RIO Stage box.  For example if you own a CL5 and you have it at FOH, and need a monitor mixer and could use more I/O’s on stage, then this is the perfect cost effective way to do it, just use the QL as your monitor mixer and use its I/O’s as a stage box.  If you need a mixer that has special speech applications then your be very happy to know that the QL mixers are shipped with a built in Dugan Sound system, which in its own would of cost you over $2000.00…that in it self make this mixer shine above the rest.  At muzeekworld.com we will also give you free local training if needed to get you started on the QL mixers.  The QL Mixers also features  2 track and multi channel recording.  Also unlike the LS9-16 where you had 1 MY slot, the QL1 which is the 16 channel version has 2 x built in slots.  Yamaha is definitely keeping the legacy of amazing mixers alive.  You have to think there is a reason why Yamaha mixers lasts forever, and have a 1% fail rate, and even if they do…Yamaha get is fixed very quickly. For more info please visit the manufactures site


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