Yamaha StagePas 400i

By | June 13, 2013

Yamaha StagePas 400i

Yamaha StagePas 400i , and the StagePas 600i are Yamahas brand new systems. They sound 10x better than the older systems and look sleeker. They  have found thier way in to Portable Churches, Live event companies, and the corporate Market. If you have a show that has an audience count of 50-500, then these are systems that you should be looking at. Call us at Muzeek World  so we can go throught all the all in one systems to see which best fits your needs, From these Yamahas, to the Bose L1 systems.

This All In One System, is great for Live Venues, Portable Churches, Rental Houses, DJ’s, You pretty much take it in one box, set id down, set it up in 10 min and your ready to go.  We have set this unit up in our Muzeek World warehouse and tested it. Our feedback was amazing, the sound quality is incredible, and the mixer section is perfect for what is needed for a small system setup.  Its a 400-watt, portable PA system with 8-channel powered mixer, two 8″ speakers, iPod/iPhone USB connection, SPX digital reverbs, an onboard feedback suppressor and versatile EQ.

  1. 400W (200W + 200W) power output
  2. Newly designed high quality speakers (LF:8″ woofer/ HF:1″ voice coil compression driver)
  3. Detachable 8-channel mixer (4 mono mic/line + 4 mono / 2 stereo line)
  4. iPod/ iPhone USB connection
  5. One-knob master EQ™ with virtual bass boost
  6. High resolution SPX digital reverbs (4 types, parameter control)
  7. Onboard feedback suppressor
  8. Great-sounding 2-band channel EQ
  9. Switchable stereo/ mono inputs
  10. Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs
  11. Phantom power
  12. Monitor and Subwoofer outputs
  13. Optional reverb footswitch

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